Thursday, April 1, 2010

"A marriage is sacred and something worth trying to save."

Bearing in mind that it's April 1st and this might be a gag, Popeater has a short piece on Sandra Bullock, the Academy Award winning actress who is married to a cretin called Jesse James.

Mr. James has slept with a lot of women since he married Ms. Bullock. One of them is a nazi fetish model.

For awhile, there were stories that Ms. Bullock was going to do what Tiger Woods's wife should have done, which is file for divorce. But, apparently Ms. Bullock is having "second thoughts" about that.
While Jesse James seeks treatment in rehab, Sandra Bullock is reconsidering her divorce options and believes she can save their marriage, a friend of the star tells me. Although more women keep crawling out of the woodwork, Sandra wants to stick by her man.
"Sandra and Jesse have been speaking a lot, and now that he is finally taking responsibility and taking positive action, Sandra is thinking about giving him a second chance," a friend of the actress tells me. "Jesse is in really bad shape and she's not the sort of girl to kick a dog when he's down. At the very least, you can expect Sandra to put the divorce on hold until after he gets treatment."

And before you go judging Sandra's decision, remember no one really knows what goes on in another person's marriage -- and the same goes for Elin Nordegren, the wife of Tiger Woods. As Sandra's friend tells me, "a marriage is sacred and something worth trying to save."
Emphasis added because I am irritated.

A marriage is not sacred, nor is it "worth trying to save" when one partner -- one half of the people involved in the contract -- is misrepresenting himself to the other. As Radar online tells us,
Sandra Bullock had her suspicions that husband Jesse James was cheating on her long before the news of his alleged infidelities broke and has learned that she confronted him on more than one occasion.

“Sandra suspected that Jesse was cheating,” a source close to the couple tells exclusively. “They got into four or five blowouts over it and every time he denied everything.”
So she's thought he might be cheating on her in the past, and he denied it. She now knows that not only did he cheat on her, with several women, he lied to her when she asked him about it directly. He is a cheat and a liar.

And the marriage is still sacred and worth trying to save? Seriously?

In addition to considering that this is a national holiday for pranking, we must also consider the fact that both Popeater and Radar online are quoting unnamed sources. Those sources might be full of beans.

But back to my outrage: As for Mr. James "taking responsibility and taking positive action," do you know what that entails? Going to rehab. Seriously, he is in rehab. Vacation for celebrities. That's what they all do when they're caught doing something they shouldn't be doing, but would continue doing if they hadn't gotten caught, but they did get caught so now they have to at least pretend to be "sorry" about it. (Sorry that sentence kind of got away from me but I am filled with righteous indignation over this story.)

And where is Mr. James taking this responsibility, and taking this positive action, to show his remorse and regret? As TMZ tells us, he's at a facility in Arizona called Sierra Tucson. Take a look at this place:

Are you f*cking kidding me? He gets to prove his dedication to his marriage to SANDRA F*CKING BULLOCK for crying out loud by spending a few weeks at a beautiful resort with a pool in Arizona?

Holy crap it is different for rich and famous people.

And speaking of rehab, "Celebrity Rehab," "Sex Rehab," and "Sober House" star "Dr." Drew Pinsky, who is rapidly becoming one of the sleaziest people in television, has offered his own weighty opinion on the subject of Mr. James's and Ms. Bullock's marriage:
"If I were treating Sandra I would advise her to leave Jesse James. They don't have a long life together, it's been a relatively short term relationship," Dr. Drew told us. "There is no doubt to me that this relationship is over. Jesse is a sex addict and Sandra is a love addict. Sex addicts go for power and intensity, and that intensity is probably what attracted Sandra to Jesse. However, that intensity is not love, it's addiction. Sandra probably didn't give Jesse that level of intensity that he got with the mistresses.”
Everyone's an addict! Love! Sex! Drugs! Alcohol! Rehab!

Dr. Drew Pinsky who is, as the radar online interview helpfully informs us, a "board certified addiction specialist and host of the hit VH1 show Celebrity Rehab" (what board exactly?), has a vested interest in creating addiction. Not only for his miserable shows, but for his miserable practice. As I've already pointed out, "Dr. Drew" recently left the hospital where he led the chemical dependency unit.

Dr. Drew, have you treated Mr. James or Ms. Bullock? Have you even met either of them? I realize that you see addiction everywhere you look because you have to, but please just shut the f*ck up about those things you know nothing about.

Now that I've put that sleazy doctor in his place, I would like to offer my opinion: Ms. Bullock, leave Mr. James immediately. While he's in that "rehab" facility clear all your stuff and move out. You are fabulously wealthy; you don't have to stick around while you're looking for a new apartment. You can go live in the freaking Chateau Marmont indefinitely if you want to. You are set.

There is no nobility in "standing by your man." He's not your man. Let me tell you, no one thinks Tiger Woods's wife is noble. Mr. James is a liar and a cheater, and at best has a questionable sense of humor and is at worst racist on top of that.

The marriage isn't worth saving. Life is too short. Move on.

Portrait of a marriage worth saving. He looks so happy to be with her. What a great time he's having with the attractive and talented Sandra Bullock.

UPDATE Sun April 4th @2:55PM PST: According to TMZ, it looks as if Ms. Bullock might have taken my advice.
A moving van was spotted Friday afternoon in front of the home of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Here's what went down -- we're told the van pulled up at around 6:45 PM and stayed for about an hour. Two movers moved out a couch, a love seat and tons of boxes.

Well, I hope she is happy, whatever she does.

Marriage portrait pic source.


shampoo said...

omg, amen to everything you just said!

not only is life short, the way jj has been running around... sandra is lucky she didn't catch something from him!

i don't know what makes sandra a "love addict". i think it's reasonable she'd want her HUSBAND to love her.

Ricky Sprague said...

Oh, no-- she's an addict. You can tell, because why on earth would she marry someone like Jesse James and expect him to you know stay true to their marriage vows?

Addict! Addict! Addict!

shampoo said...

ricky sprague, haha... good point. I always forget how skeezy he is (i really try never to think of him) when i'm talking about sandra.

if she finds a husband who does love her is he an enabler or a fellow addict? dare I suggest both?

hm, if sandra adopts 19 puppies (or kittens or bunnies) over the next two weeks maybe dr. drew will try a love intervention.