Monday, May 10, 2010

Kenny Strasser AKA "K Strass" is My Hero For the Week

One of the recurring themes of this blog is that you cannot trust the mainstream media. They are lazy! They will take an obviously unbelievable story like the one about the guy in China (to take one recent example) who supposedly had an eel shoved up his rectum and run with it as if it were a true story-- without bothering to check.

And as if to prove my point that you cannot trust what you see in the news, there is a wonderful gentleman called Kenny Strasser, or "K Strass," who presents himself as a yo-yo champion, and has appeared on six local newscasts in the last month, showing off his mad skillz.

But not with the yo-yo. No, Kenny Strasser's mad skillz involve making fools of local news programmers, producers, and personalities, and showing that just because something makes it onto tv, it's not necessarily true.
A strange, strange man has been showing up on morning shows throughout the Midwest, claiming to be a yo-yo trick champion. He is not. He is actually terrible at yo-yo. Yet he keeps getting on the air.

Little is known about "K-Strass," who goes by Kenny Strasser, or sometimes Karl Strassburg. He claims to be from Wisconsin (except when he doesn't). He claims to be from a broken home, with his own addiction issues (except when he isn't).

All we know is that K-Strass has shown up on television six times in the past month, showing off his yo-yo "skills" and generally embarrassing the hosts.
Here he is on one such news program. The host asks him about yo-yoing, and Kenny Strasser, the supposed expert, seems to know about as much about it as I do. Then he alludes to some deep-seated emotional issues, discussing his own divorce, and that of his parents. He takes a phone call because of said personal issues.

He takes a phone call on the air, in the middle of his interview.

And that's not even the best part. I actually can't decide what's the best part-- is it when K Strass refers to "the Garth Brooks of the yo-yo, Eric Stringer"? Is it when he talks about his grandfather doing "a lot of yo-yoing through the south"? Maybe it's the time when, asked how much time he spends practicing the yo-yo, he replies, "honestly not that much"? How about when he says, in reference to his (ever-diminishing) school programs, "A lot of times, we'll be laughing so hard, we don't even get to the environmental stuff"?

But please don't take my word for it. Watch this guy. He is a genius:

You will note that one of the newscasters (or, as shampoo calls them, "newsactors") refers to Kenny Strasser as "an award winning and master yo-yoist."

Did anyone at the station bother to check this guy's credentials? How did he get on the air?

Think about that the next time you're watching the news, and they're talking about the latest city council meeting, or the mayor's report on the parks department, or when they've got some "expert" telling you--

--well, anything.

Kenny Strasser is more than just a great performance artist. He is a great American. Thank you, K Strass, for exposing television news for the cesspool of incompetence that it is! You're my hero for the week!


shampoo said...

omg, this is awesome. newsactors are such liars. though local newsactors are so used to simply announcing canned items from public relations agencies that maybe they are hired on their ability to never question anything.

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I didn't know anything about K-Strass. I will read more about it. By the way. why you add that video if it won't work?