Saturday, May 8, 2010

Weekend Box Office Predictions for Mother's Day Weekend 2010

Brand new post over at the delightful site When Falls the Coliseum-- Weekend Box Office Predictions for Mother's Day weekend. Sample:
Sorry I’m late getting in this weekend’s box office predictions, but it’s MOTHER’S DAY ON SUNDAY and I don’t mean to shout like that but you all got to remember to get your mother something nice. She did all those great things for you. She taught you right (helping little old granny ladies across the street) from wrong (kicking little old granny ladies down the street). She locked you in the closet for eight hours a day when you did poorly on your grammatical tests. She took you to your first cockfight. She let you stay up until way past your bedtime so that you could watch “Carrie” with her, back when HBO would only show R-rated movies at night and she was too scared to watch it by herself. She pretended not to notice when you stole her cigarettes and smoked them yourself (she was trying to quit anyway). She taught you how to hold your liquor.
Whole thing is here.

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A.Jaye said...

I just checked - none of those films have a UK release date.