Thursday, June 10, 2010

New When Falls the Coliseum Post: RE: Alvin Greene, democrat candidate for senate in South Carolina

I have a new piece up at When Falls the Coliseum, about the South Carolina senate candidate Alvin Greene who seems to have shocked America by winning the democrat nomination, entitled Why does it cost $10,000 to run for senate in South Carolina?
A man named Alvin Greene won the democrat senate primary in South Carolina on Tuesday, for the right to take on the republican incumbent Jim DeMint in the fall. The man is, according to this Yahoo! news story, a “Mystery SC nominee with a pending felony charge.”

Greene, a 32-year-old unemployed military veteran who lives with his parents, defeated Vic Rawl on Tuesday for the Democratic Senate nomination despite having run essentially no public campaign - no events, no signs, no debates, no website, no fundraising.

The result has baffled political observers, who had heavily favored Rawl - a former state legislator, attorney and prosecutor who had the edge inasmuch as he actually campaigned and tried to win.
Bonus: Since I posted that piece, the candidate in question, Alvin Greene, has given a couple of entertaining interviews, such as this one:

It's kind of a hypnotic 9 minutes, in which the interviewer asks the typical questions of a candidate, like "Will you step down?" and "Do you have a car?"

It's awesome because this guy was just not supposed to win, and yet he did. By a lot. This is a real outsider candidate that people usually cheer at least in theory, and yet, people are trying to knock the guy down. Accusing him of being a plant and asking him if he has a car.

I say, Go Alvin go!

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shampoo said...

sounds like the incumbent has been showing his posterior in congress.
wait... stephen colbert is from s.c. ... is he involved somehow?

what difference does it make if alvin owns a car? senators fly everywhere anyway.