Monday, July 26, 2010

Angelina Jolie earned every cent of the $20 million she was paid for the new movie "Salt"

At least, by Hollywood standards she did.

My headline is a deliberately reworded variation on a line taken from a story in Popeater about how Ms. Jolie went "above and beyond" in her promotion of her new movie, "Salt":
Angelina Jolie set a new salary high for herself with her latest spy-related movie 'Salt,' earning over $20 million for the role; however, what she did to get that money surprised everyone -- including her man, Brad Pitt.
"Angie earned every cent of her $20 million salary," a Sony Pictures insider tells me.
This is how messed up Hollywood is. Check out how Ms. Jolie "earned" that $20 million:
"Even though Angelina's contract insists she promote the film, no one expected her to sign autographs at the premiere for over 45 minutes, pose for pictures with fans and shake hands before walking the red carpet. Even partner Brad Pitt looked confused watching her spend so much time with all the fans."
She signed autographs -- at the premiere -- for over 45 minutes??? That's almost a full hour (give or take a quarter of an hour)!

She posed for pictures? Are you kidding me? An actress posing for pictures? Is she some kind of machine or something?

Are you trying to tell me she actually shook hands with people? I hope she had some hand sanitizer!

Slow down, Angelina! You're making the people who work in factories look lazy!

One of the most attractive women in the world spent time posing for pictures. Can you believe it???

I do like that line about Brad Pitt looking confused. "Hey, Angie. What're you doin' in fronta that camera withat guy there? Posing? Woo-ee you must be ca-razy!"

But let's not forget what else she did:
"The studio was shocked when Angie agreed to go to Comic-Con [the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world] as well as when she traveled to Washington, D.C. to host a reception and tour of the International Spy Museum. Angie even allowed studio publicists to plant stories about her inviting the real-life Russian sleeper spy, Anna Chapman, to the premiere, to help promote 'Salt.'"
She allowed someone else to drive her (eh she probably flew in a private jet, actually, it's at least a 2 1/2 hour drive to San Diego from Los Angeles during Comic-Con) to Comic-Con where she was taken to an Exhibit Hall to appear on a panel at "the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world," and then she allowed herself to be taken (first class, I guarantee, all expenses paid) to Washington DC where she was fawned over by star-struck "spy museum" curators and guests and politicians, and then she "allowed" studio publicists to "plant" totally innocuous and transparently tongue-in-cheek stories about that physically attractive Russian spy everyone in the world was talking about a few weeks ago.

 Angelina Jolie didn't REALLY want to invite adorable (alleged!) Russian spy Anna Chapman to have a three-way with her and Lady GaGa-- that was all just a story concocted to help Sony promote the movie "Salt"!

I just can't believe a massively popular actress, one of the most famous human beings in the world, would allow herself to be used this way -- simply to promote her major $100 million blockbuster summer tent pole release!

But, seriously, that "Sony pictures insider" needs to get some perspective. Ms. Jolie is (I believe) a talented and quite elegantly-constructed actress. Her movie opened fairly well (second place at the box office, over $36 million). She is famous and people like her.

But you do her no favors by publicly marveling at the fact that she spent a whole 45 minutes signing her name at a huge promotional event for the film in which she starred.

We are in a recession, after all.

Angelina Jolie pic source.
Anna Chapman pic source.

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shampoo said...

maybe this is a hamfisted effort to explain why brad seemed to be running away from her at the premier? i've seen a couple of gifs of this... in one, he's literally dragging her (this is after autograph time).

sometimes i wonder if some of these p.r. agencies are TRYING to make people look bad. saying someone earned $20 million by interacting with their own fans for 45-minutes is insane. every person probably fawned all over her, after all.

the ONLY way any star is worth that amount of money (if indeed any of them are) is because of the money they can make the studio. period. so far, they've paid out a lot of money to make and promote (and promote and promote) this film. idk how much $$ they expect her to make to justify this, but i would think A LOT. due to the recession (that they forgot about) this may not even be possible. idk..