Monday, July 19, 2010

Appropriate screenshot of the day

Yahoo! had a link to a story about out-of-control secrecy in the war on terror (or something, I still don't know) -- a screenshot of which can be seen below:

Naturally curious about what would seem to me to be an alarming story, I clicked on the link, and was taken to this page:

Yes, it is that secret. The story about it isn't even available.

You can try it for yourself; here is the link.


shampoo said...

hmm... i did hear about one story (not this one) that got 3,000 hits per minute within 15 minutes of being posted. this is a story that went legit, but at first was being denied. i'm not saying that's what this is... i don't know anything about this, actually.

Jessica said...

Hmmm, well, the motives concerning politics are always a mystery. That said, I don't bother with them.

shampoo said...

someone sent me a link to this. i was able to access it. it was what you've got here with more detail. who knows why it was inaccessible. that's still weird.