Tuesday, July 13, 2010

ESPN's New Sideline "Reporter" Jenn Brown Hates Erin Andrews

Esquire has a story about "the new Erin Andrews," a woman called Jenn Brown. Apparently, Ms. Brown is to be the new college football sideline reporter, while Ms. Andrews has been promoted to host of some college football-themed program called GameDay.

The primary Jenn Brown photo from the Esquire article. Isn't she so cute and playful! Don't let that water get too close! -- you might get all wet, and wouldn't that be a shame! Titter!

Anyway, in the Esquire article, Jenn Brown takes some great passive-aggressive swipes at Erin Andrews in her answers to the interviewer's questions. Such as:
ESQ: Your colleague Erin Andrews is going to appear as a host on GameDay this fall. Do you see her career path as one to aspire to?

JB: Yeah, Erin and I both went to Florida — it's funny, because we didn't know each other back then, but she's always been somebody I've looked up to. She's been doing it longer than I have, but she's done a great job, and I think it's amazing that they've given her that opportunity to be involved in the ESPNU show before it, and doing more features and stuff. I'd like to think that we're doing pretty similar things, now that I'm doing sideline. We're pretty similar in the roles that we've got, and... she's done it. Why reinvent the wheel when you can go to somebody and ask them for advice and help?

ESQ: It's strange that, aside from that other thing, it's been Dancing with the Stars that really helped advance her career. You once hosted a show on Country Music Television — is reality TV another one of your, um, talents to further, or are you focused on sports right now?

JB: Yeah, there's a little difference. She was on a reality show; I hosted one. But you need to love what you do. For me, I'm in full sports mode — it's a big opportunity that ESPN's given me, and I'm embracing it. I'm not taking it lightly. You know, I was having lunch with [ESPN executive editor] John Walsh the other day, and he was reminding me that you go to Bristol and you start talking to people. And I've never seen this anywhere, but people are like, "Oh, I'm a young guy — I've only been here twenty years." Unbelievable.
They both went to Florida, but Jenn Brown wouldn't hang out with her. What's the matter? Erin Andrews isn't cool enough for you? Oh, and she's been doing the sideline reporting thing "longer." As in, she's so much older than the great Jenn Brown! And you know, Erin Andrews only appeared on a reality show -- Jenn Brown actually hosted one!

Wow. I hope they don't share a locker room, or whatever it is that these people share when they're reporting from the sidelines of college football games.

I guess we'll see how much better this younger, more reality-show hosting Jenn Brown is than Erin Andrews, by posting a few of Ms. Brown's pictures here. Ms. Andrews has gotten me literally tens of thousands of visitors.

Until Ms. Brown can do the same, she can't take Erin Andrews's crown.

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shampoo said...

isn't she posed really weird in that garden hose photo? as if it's really difficult to hold the garden hose or something... idk, something's odd about it.

Ricky Sprague said...

shampoo-- she does kind of look like Sean Penn in "I Am Sam," or Juliette Lewis in "The Other Sister."