Monday, July 26, 2010

New When Falls the Coliseum Post: Comic-Con Stabbing

My new When Falls the Coliseum post looks at the stabbing or scratching or whatever it was that occurred at the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. A little bit:
The last Comic-Con I attended was way back in 2007, when I still had a comic book writing gig, a fairly big one, actually, and when I went to the bars and parties after hours I could say, “Hi, I’m Ricky and I write _____,” and people actually knew what I was talking about. I admit I felt like a big man. It was a fun time.

I mean, it was fun going to the bars and parties after Comic-Con had closed. Comic-Con itself had become the opposite of fun.

I’d hit every Comic-Con since 1999, and it got worse every year. The crowds swelled to what seemed to me an unsustainable number. Too many people on the floor meant it was almost impossible to see all the booths in one day, and still have time to hit a couple of panels. By 2004, if you went on a Saturday, you were in a crush of people, and if one or two people became distracted, the entire flow of pedestrian traffic was disrupted, leading to groin-rubs and name-calling.

It was hot and smelly.
The rest can be read, if not enjoyed, here.

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