Wednesday, July 28, 2010

President Barack Obama's "Jersey Shore" Lie

Having absolutely nothing better to do, the president of the United States appeared on "The View" yesterday where he made what I consider a rather startling claim for an American to make:
President Obama charmed the ladies on "The View" yesterday and confidently showed off his command of the big challenges facing the nation today.

But the name Snooki didn't ring a bell.

"I'm sorry, I don't know who that is," the smiling but perplexed President said when asked about the big-haired "Jersey Shore" bombshell, according to several audience members interviewed after the show.

"We all liked that he didn't know who she was," said Nella Cerminara, 51, of Montreal.
That would be nice if the president didn't know who "Snooki" was, I suppose.

Except he does know who Snooki is. He was lying. Check out this video from back in May:

If we can't trust the president to tell the truth about an MTV reality show character, what can we trust him on?

What the president know about Snooki, and when did he know it? And why did he lie about it?

Snooki make out pic source.


shampoo said...

why would anyone be impressed someone doesn't know the identity of snooki? i have not watched one second of that show* and even i know who she is. unfortunately, making us all aware of the identity of such people is the media's main usefulness in these troubled times. *i know that's amazing given my horrendous taste in tv programs, but i haven't recovered from ryan jenkins yet.

Ricky Sprague said...

Neither have I completely recovered from Ryan Jenkins.

I tried to watch Jersey Shore. I dvr'd the first three episodes and when I finally sat down to watch them, I couldn't get through ten minutes of the first episode. It wasn't the characters so much, as the way the show was put together. It felt almost like something from the early 1990s.