Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Thieving Thieves of Mediaite Ripped Me Off UPDATE: So Did Gawker!

Today at 12:21 PM, someone called Steven Jessop at the website Mediaite ripped off my "Obama's 'Jersey Shore' Lie" story from last night at 7:24 PST, and without attribution. His story is under the mealy-mouthed title, Obama Tells The View “He Has No Idea” Who Snooki Is, After Joking About Her At WHCD.

You might be thinking, "But Ricky, how do we know you actually posted that story that was ripped off by this 'Steven Jessop' character last night? Maybe you just changed the date stamp on it? Well, I also tweeted it. Follow the link and check the time. Twitter doesn't lie.

But maybe you're belligerent, or you think I'm just being paranoid about Mediaite ripping me off. Maybe you're thinking something like, "But Ricky, maybe this 'Steven Jessop' loser didn't even see your little blog. It only gets about 20,000 visitors a month." Well, it so happens that the same story was cross-posted at When Falls the Coliseum. It can be found here. You will note that the time on that is this morning at 9:04 am.

No, I don't know what the traffic is like over at WFTC. But I do know that I have three pieces of evidence in my campaign against the thieving thieves of mediaite.

Come on, Steven, if you're going to rip off my little blog, the least you can do is give your story a less clumsy title.

This is intolerable.

Naturally, I demand an apology.

UPDATE: Friday July 30 at 5:51 PST: Gawker ripped me off, too.

I am the king of being ripped off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!


shampoo said...

have you contacted the cyberpolice online larceny department? these scoundrels must pay!

seriously though, what a douche.

your blog is awesome. shampoo reads it. shampoo does not read that site of thievery.

i'm sure if i ever watched foxnews i'd catch glen beck speculating that barack is not married to michelle at all, but to snooki. which is why he lied, he must keep that secret at all costs. the people of the u.s. would never elect a man whose wife was named "snooki." michelle and the children are simply very skilled actresses or maybe figments of our imaginations... i really don't know how glen would explain them. something insane, i'm sure.

Ricky Sprague said...

shampoo, thank you for your very kind words. They are much appreciated.

You have a pretty awesome blog yourself.

shampoo said...

oh, thank you. ^_^ and you're welcome.

Iced Borscht said...

I remember some clown mysteriously had a "Werner Herzog Reads Curious George" video on YouTube two or three days after my discussion of CURIOUS GEORGE & THE HOLOCAUST DENIAL at WFTC.

I was ready for combat.