Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Foul Ball Couple Saga Gets Sexy, Finally, and a Future Sideline Reporter is Born.

Back on August 10th, a nation waiting for something, anything, to capture its attention was amply rewarded by the sight of a professional baseball fan leaping out of the way of a "line drive" that hit his "girlfriend."

The two people in this video, The comically named Bo Wyble ("boil weevil"?) and Sara Saco-Vertiz, naturally became objects of fascination. "What would you do?" people asked themselves. Fight or flight? Does this young man's instinct for self-preservation in the face of a flying baseball represent some larger problem with our current generation of spoiled, entitled, narcissist like jerks who are unable to make any sacrifice, not even for the object of their affection?

I can tell you that superficially I identified with the boy, at least at first. I know what it's like to be dragged to a professional baseball game by a dating partner. I would sit in the stands at Dodger stadium and hope against hope that some "foul" ball didn't fly over and hit me in my moneymaker.

But I lost all sympathy for him when I read this:
"As soon as we got here and I saw where we were sitting, I said 'Baby, we're going to get hit,'" the woman said when interviewed during the game. "He said, 'No, I'll catch it if you do. We just had this conversation and sure enough, the ball comes at me. He just bailed."
Okay, so that's what she says. But he hasn't denied it. Instead, he's quoted as saying:
"The ball was coming up and I was going to catch it and it was in the lights and I lost track of it," he said.
So not so sympathetic. Until he got dumped on national television.

Stupidly, the interviewer, Harry Something, cuts the interview short just as it starts to get interesting. Apparently, he's afraid of being associated with something that might be tawdry.

That's why he was interviewing a couple of little kids about their foul ball experience. Doesn't he also interview "Big Brother" cast members?

But thanks to the internet, we don't need timid, ridiculous tv "journalists" to follow the story. We can just head on over to their facebook pages.
All is not well with our favorite foul ball dodging star-cross'd lovers, Bo and Sara. We've got allegations of infidelity, and the threat of dropping nude photos. Join us, on As The Bo Turns.
Our Facebook operatives (whose names we'll keep secret so as not to compromise their mission) have been sending us screengrabs of the epic war of words Bo and Sara are waging on their Facebook walls. It's not pretty.

We start with Bo calling Sara a "stupid slut," assailing her chastity, and threatening to post "naked pictures and video" of her.
Here is part of the screengrab from Mr. Wyble's page:

Why are there some men who seem to think sleeping with a woman an hour after meeting her someone reflects poorly on her? Dude, you slept with her an hour after meeting her. If it reflects poorly on her, then it reflects poorly on you, too.

(In this case, it actually does reflect poorly on her, since this guy is a real dbag.)

Anyway, rather than wait for the reprehensible Mr. Wyble to post incriminating photos or video of her, Ms. Saco-Vertiz went ahead and saved him the trouble, sort of, by posting some semi-provocative-in-a-chaste-sort-of-way photos of herself.

She's cute. And she looks so relaxed in her beaded bra and panties. Now she's become an internet celebrity, a la other sports "hotties" like Erin Andrews, and Jenn Sterger.

How long before Ms. Saco-Vertiz is a sideline "reporter"? Clearly she has the requisite charms.


shampoo said...

omg, i missed all this fery. wow. just wow. haha

i love the thing you said about the sleeping with reflecting poorly on the guy, too. as far as the guy being a dbag, well, she only had an hour and she was probably drunk.

also, WTF is it with the naked photos these days? people post naked photos right and left when they get mad. i know she tried to ward it off, but idk if her photo is going to work to that purpose.

Ricky Sprague said...

I don't know why all these people are taking naked pictures of themselves, I'm just glad they are.