Sunday, August 15, 2010

Katy Perry is Sadder Than I Thought

Is there anything sadder than an adult "crashing" a "prom"?

No, there isn't. An adult crashing a prom at a high school she didn't even attend is the saddest thing in the world, ever, in history.

And it's even sadder when that crasher is a wealthy, famous, and physically attractive woman who certainly has enough money to at least buy some friends her own age.

Katy Perry, the famous singer, is the saddest person in the world.
Katy Perry shocked a group of Australian high school students Friday night when she turned up — unannounced — to their prom!
I am too sensitive, I'm afraid. I can feel the tears starting to come. But.. I must hold it together because, well, it gets worse:
The hit-maker entered through a back door of a function room when she heard her chart-topping hit California Gurls playing.

As stunned students cottoned onto their impromptu guest, Perry grabbed a microphone and began singing along to her track.
How lonely the poor woman must be! How starved for companionship! Alas! Hand me a handkerchief, sniffle.

But it gets even worse:
“She appeared slightly drunk and was stumbling a little,” student Adi Kedar told
Oh, moooooaaaaaaaannnnnn!!

A drunk and lonely woman, approaching middle age, crashes a high school formal dance and drunkenly takes the stage to sing along to a song playing on the loudspeaker.

My god, I'm flashing back to my own high school days! Shudder.
“She was dancing and laughing with students until the end of the song when she was subtly whisked away by her security guards.
Of course, in my case, the "crasher" was the wife of the principal, she was shouting at her husband (he'd just found out she was having an affair with the gym teacher), and it was a grade school formal. And she was "whisked" away by the police, not security guards.

God, what a sad night for everyone -- the sad lonely woman whose fame and money can't buy sober happiness, and the delicate children whose "big night" was ruined by a tragic drunk.

I need a nap.

Don't let the smile fool you. She's crying on the inside. Also, drinking.

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Alexandra said...

Agreed.. little Miss Perry makes me sick!