Monday, August 30, 2010

Rubbish Bin Cat Lady: England is a Mess

I am sure you've heard all about the rather notorious British woman who put a cat in a rubbish (trash) bin last week. You can watch the scandalous footage here:

Since that footage was released, well, things haven't gone too well for the human woman depicted in the footage.
Grey-haired Mary Bale became one of Britain's most hated women when footage of her dropping four-year-old tabby Lola into the green recycling bin was posted on YouTube and Facebook yesterday.

She has since been given police protection — after sickened animal lovers bombarded her with death threats.
First of all, it was a recycling bin, so at least the woman was "being green."

Second -- death threats? Really? And from "sickened animal lovers"? I think they need to drop the "ed" from the end of that word.

I'm not going to try to excuse the woman's actions, even ironically, but death threats? For crying out loud, isn't that all out of proportion to the crime here? (And, yes, the cat was apparently in the bin for fifteen hours. That is a long time but the cat was pulled out by its owners and is apparently fine now.)

Okay, the woman seems a bit, well, let's say she seems a bit off. I don't know what kind of personal issues she might be dealing with so I'm not going to pass judgment (she herself says she doesn't know what came over her). I do eat meat, and there are a lot of people who consider meat to be murder. In their eyes, I'm a murderer!

Compared to that, putting a cat in a rubbish bin for fifteen hours doesn't seem all that bad, does it? It's not like she ate the cat.

But why is England's deputy prime minister weighing in?
Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg on Friday joined the chorus of disapproval against a woman who dumped a cat in a rubbish bin, labelling her actions "extraordinary."

"To see the reaction to that extraordinary clip of the lady putting the cat into the bin -- quite rightly people don't understand how that could possibly happen," Clegg said at a public meeting in comments cited by the BBC.
Oh come on. An eccentric old biddy puts a cat in a rubbish/recycling bin and the deputy leader of the country has to have an opinion? Doesn't he have a financial crisis to deal with?

Then there's this, at the end of the article:
Clegg has been "holding the fort" while Prime Minister David Cameron is on holiday and will continue doing so for some days. Cameron's wife gave birth to their fourth child this week.
Hold on a second -- wasn't David Cameron just elected prime minister? Yes, in early May. About four months ago! And he's already taking a "holiday" (vacation)?

Well, you might say that -- he's actually taking paternity leave:
It will be blankies and binkies instead of appointments and allocations for British Prime Minister David Cameron, who, following the birth of his fourth child earlier this week, will become the first leader of the United Kingdom ever to take paternity leave. Cameron, 43, and his wife, Samantha, 39, welcomed daughter Florence Rose Endellion August 24 , about three weeks earlier than expected. Under a 2003 British law, new fathers are eligible for two weeks paid paternity leave, even if they happen to be the prime minister, and Cameron’s government has announced that he will indeed be taking some time off to be with his new daughter.
Let's not even get into the whole why-are-men-getting-to-take-time-off-when-it's-the-women-who-are-doing-all-the-work-anyway argument (it's a racket created by men!). Let's leave aside the fact that the Camerons no doubt have plenty of servants to help them to take care of their new child.

Why, when England is suffering from a devastating financial crisis, is the leader of the country taking time off, at taxpayer expense?

England, don't take this personally, but you're a mess. And the rubbish bin cat lady is the least of your problems.

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A.Jaye said...

England is a mess? Where've you been since 1979?

We've got a Tory government, the national football team is for shit, there's no film industry, the booze costs above the rate of inflation, the women spread the highest STD rate in Europe (and the world), Simon Cowell is still allowed on TV and Naomi Campbell is vilified by the porno/corporate press.

There is hope; England is the headquaters of Thrill Fiction.

But as far as the financial crisis is concerned - people will be plucking and roasting cats come Christmas.