Friday, September 17, 2010

Being Engaged to Katy Perry is Taking its Toll on Russell Brand

We have already seen that Katy Perry is a sad, depressed, bitter woman who is still pining away for her lost youth, unable to let go of old heartbreak and disappointment. I'm no psychiatrist but it seems pretty clear that a 25 year-old woman who is still upset over an alleged snubbing by a former high school classmate is obviously unsatisfied in her current life.

You know, the life in which she's young, wealthy, and famous. Woe is her, alack and alas and etc.

And if you were the supposed future husband of said bitter, depressed woman, you might be a little insecure and perhaps angry yourself. After all, you can't keep her happy enough to forget about someone who didn't want to date her ten years ago. So she crashes high school proms and performs at her own old high school where she points out the man who broke her poor little magic pony loving heart.

And your I-can't-make-my-woman-happy life might cause you to lash out at others. After all, you can't lash out at yourself. Russell Brand, the man to whom Ms. Perry is engaged, is experiencing such existential difficulties. And he's taking it out on photographers at LAX.
Russell Brand has just been arrested for allegedly attacking paparazzi at LAX airport ... TMZ has learned, and it was a citizen's arrest.
We're told a photog -- one of the alleged victims -- made the citizen's arrest and LAX cops facilitated it.

Cops interviewed Brand, then took him into custody. Cops say he's being booked for battery.

UPDATE 5:54 PM PT: Russell has posted $20,000 bail and has left the police station.

Around the same time, Katy defended Russell via Twitter, saying, "If you cross the line & try an put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job & protect me."

The alleged upskirting is not seen in video of the incident.
Ms. Perry -- your fiancé is obviously not doing his job, if you're still pining away for your high school crush. What makes you think he should remove his gauntlet and start slapping at men who, um, try to put a lens up your dress?

And by the way, do you really expect us to believe that a paparazzo was trying to make an upskirt video of you? The paparazzi are a generally unlikable bunch; you don't need to embellish the story. It removes sympathy from you and places it squarely on the shoulders of the man who citizens arrested your fiancé. And let's face it, it's Mr. Brand who deserves our sympathy.

After all, he is committed to marrying a woman who is completely and totally dissatisfied with him. And who keeps telling the world how desperately unhappy she is.


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