Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol: "Sabotaging" with the Truth?

Do you watch "American Idol"? I don't, but I have cable. I also have internet access. And, I have taste.* But some people still do, or they did, anyway. But will they still, now that perennially unpopular "actress" and "singer" Jennifer Lopez, aka "JLo," aka "the woman with the buttocks" is one of the new judges?

Or, will the show be torpedoed by a nefarious sabotage plot? As TMZ notes,
FOX execs at the highest level have been complaining that the negative stories about Lopez -- who should be signing on the dotted line any day to become the 3rd judge -- are being planted by people with a grudge against "A.I." and people who are in direct competition with the show.
The intrigue! Someone is planting negative stories in the press. But please note that TMZ does not say the stories are "false." Just "negative."

And among those "negative" stories is this, from Nikki Finke at Deadline:
I've learned that Jennifer Lopez had been negotiating for a guaranteed "go" motion picture and TV pilots at Fox to accompany an asked-for $15 million American Idol judging paycheck. But the powers-that-be who produce Idol -- Fox, Fremantle, and 19 Entertainment -- balked. It was her manager Benny Medina (whom she once fired) who first orchestrated the meeting with the Idol producers in June, and, by the end of July, J-Lo accepted the offer to be a new Idol judge. Since then, she, Medina and her producing partner Simon Fields have been trying to milk the gig for all they could get from the movie studio and broadcast network/television programmer to further her stalled career in the film/TV area. One bargaining chip they had, I can report, is that Simon Cowell already asked JLo to be a judge on the U.S. version of his The X Factor when it debuts on Fox in Fall 2011.

Among JLo's demands, "she was angling for an overall deal at Fox, including a put picture, to keep the movie career going. But Fox said no," one insider tells me. "In the old days, these were called a 'vanity deal' for good reason. They simply don't exist today. Will Smith doesn’t have put pictures." Another informant says she also was angling for TV development projects to replace the ones that had gone by the wayside when her career grew cold.
Ouch! She tried to get $15 million and some movie and tv deals on the side. Sounds like a real diva. That is what you call a "negative" story.

And yet, as we turn back to TMZ's story we find,
There have been a number of stories about Lopez's alleged "diva demands" -- that she's demanding way too much money and insisting on movie deals -- but we're told the negotiations have actually been "normal." We're told there is a movie component to the deal -- as well as the possibility of other TV projects -- but the centerpiece has always been "Idol."
So, the stories of the "diva demands" are true. Ms. Lopez did try to negotiate for more money than she was paid (she "settled" for $12 million), and she did try to get side movie and tv deals. The "FOX execs at the highest level" are admitting it in the TMZ story. What they object to is the tone, I suppose. The stuff about "her career has gone cold."

(But Ms. Lopez was only doing what you or I would do in the same position. Trying to get the most she can out of a new job opportunity, like $15 million and movie and tv deals.)

By drawing attention to this, it almost seems like the "sabotaging" is being done by the "FOX execs at the highest level." Who thought it would be a good idea to complain about all the "negative" stories by endorsing their validity?

Anyway, Ms. Lopez, I hope you're happy with the situation you've wandered into. And I hope you invest that $12 million wisely (gold is always a great choice!), because those "FOX execs at the highest level" are not looking out for you.

Was one of Jennifer Lopez's "diva demands" that she be cast in the lead of a new movie version of "Red Sonja"? There can be no other explanation for this outfit.

*Just kidding!

Jennifer Lopez as Red Sonja pic source.

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