Monday, September 27, 2010

There Already is a "Sesame Street" for Adults -- It's Called "Glee"

Apparently, a PBS station in Minneapolis and/or St Paul is putting together a "Sesame Street" for adults.
Called "Next Avenue," the series -- and corresponding Web site -- aims to help teach baby boomers how to handle their lives now that they've reached middle age, much the way the preschool TV show teaches kids their A-B-Cs.
"We are designing 'Next Avenue' to be a virtual life coach for baby boomers," Twin Cities Public Television president Jim Pagliarini told Broadcasting & Cable. "It will also challenge them to see the opportunities life holds after 45."
The show will be using the style of "Sesame Street" to teach "baby boomers" about how special they are, and show them how exciting their life can be if they just think positively and challenge themselves.

That show already exists. And as the title of this post suggests, that show is called "Glee."

I admit I haven't actually watched an episode of "Sesame Street" since I was a teenager, but when I was a kid I loved the show, and watched it often. It used songs and skits to teach kids about good citizenship, colors, shapes, numbers, letters, and puppetry. Everything about the show, from the fuzzy, underdog characters to the sets to the upbeat songs was designed to make kids feel comfortable, and safe.

That's pretty much what "Glee" does. They use likable underdog characters to sing songs that make middle aged people feel good about themselves. Check out the song list from season 1.

Journey! Journey! Journey! Bell Biv De Voe! Color Me Badd! Bon Jovi! KISS! Queen! Sisqo! Heart! Billy Idol! The Pretenders! Madonna! Madonna! Madonna! Madonna! Madonna! Journey! Destiny's Child! The Grease Soundtrack! Vanilla Ice! MC Hammer! Journey!

The playlist was designed to congratulate baby boomers on their taste in music. It's gives them a warm feeling to hear those comfortable old favorites and current pop hits performed by the excessively almost diabetes-inducingly likable cast of misfits with whom they so closely identify.

It's true, they look as much like those high school students as the children who watch "Sesame Street" look like little blue fuzzy monsters, and yet spiritually they identify with them.

And the show gives them great life lessons. Don't prejudge people. Treat those who are different from you with respect. There is no obstacle so insurmountable that it cannot be conquered with song.

"Glee" is "Sesame Street" for adults. Twin Cities Public Television, save your money.

 They even hang out in a trash bin, like Oscar the Grouch. For some reason. Why did they take a cast photo in a trash bin?

Any minute... they might... break into song...

Glee cast trash bin pic source.
Sesame Street cast pic source.

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