Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Krystal Ball naughty x-mas party pics: the world is changing

I have a new post over at When Falls the Coliseum, about the changing ideas of personal vs private in the internet age. Said post can be read in its entirety here. A little bit:

To everyone over the age of 30, I have a message: The world is changing. Your ideas of what is "personal" versus "private" are outdated. The kids today, they share things about themselves. They think it's funny to post photos of themselves passed out drunk, for their friends to see. They send each other "sexts" (that's a portmanteau word combing "sex" and "text," and it means they send each other sexual text messages, sometimes even with photos of themselves). They take photos of themselves at parties, engaged in the act of "partying."

This is the way of the world now. At the cutting edge of this new standard of behavior is Paris Hilton. She made a tape of one of her sexual encounters, and now she gets paid to make personal appearances. She has acted in movies and appeared on reality shows. She has another new show coming soon.

That's right, you old fogeys -- Paris Hilton built her career on something that you would probably think is embarrassing. When you were young, you didn't make tapes of yourself having sex, did you? You didn't take photos of yourself passed out drunk. You didn't take photos of yourself jokingly mimicking sexual acts at a party.

Sure, you actually had sex. You passed out drunk. You jokingly mimicked sexual acts at a party. But you didn't document it. And if you did, you had enough sense to not pass the photos around. Not like these kids today. They take photos of themselves doing all sorts of embarrassing things, and then they just post them onto the internet, for anyone to see.

And they are getting older themselves. They're taking jobs. Many of them are excelling at those jobs, and rising to positions of authority. Many of those same people who took photos of themselves passed out drunk and posted them to the web are actually hiring people, themselves. What was once unacceptable -- to someone over the age of 30 -- is now becoming an accepted part of a person's past.

Into this world has sprung the politician named Krystal Ball, who is running for some office, it doesn't matter what, as a member of one of the two major political parties, it doesn't matter which one. She is now 28 years old. A few years ago, when she was just out of college, she appeared at a party with her then husband. She posed for some photos which are quite mundane, although a number of people over the age of 30 might consider them provocative. These photos were posted to the internet. Some of the more interesting of those photos can be found here.

Here is one of the photos:

For the rest, you can go to WFTC here.

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