Friday, October 15, 2010

My email spoofing is the worst thing that has ever happened to anyone, ever

I don't want to appear melodramatic, but, this sight is the worst thing I have ever seen in my life, ever:

These are just a fraction of the "returned emails" that wound up in my trash folder overnight. Apparently, someone or some someones has/have been spoofing my email address to send spam out to unsuspecting people.

To anyone who received such an email from me:

The email was not from me.

I am not trying to send you some kind of "newsletter." I don't want to tell you about some fantastic internet drug sale. Whoever is doing this is not me.

To the person or persons who is/are using my email account as the "return address":

Please stop doing this. It is annoying. I appeal to you as a human being. Think of how you would feel if you learned this was being done to you. You would probably not like it. Because you are a human being.


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