Friday, October 29, 2010

"The risk of putting a needle near your eye is grave."

That headline is a creepy quote from Dr Douglas Meyer, an opthamologist in Portland, commenting on the endeavors of tattoo enthusiast Matt Gone. Mr. Gone, you see, tattooed his own eyeballs.

He injected ink into his own eyeballs.

He, on his own, without help from anyone else, put ink-filled needles into his eye and squirted pigment into said eyes.

"I patch-tested it, and I was successful," Mr. Gone explains, when asked by the CNN interviewer why he would risk infection in or even loss of his eyes. Here is the video:

This video was found via this article at aol's "Weird News." Click over and you'll be treated to some eye-related puns that are just as creepy as the squirting ink into your eye story, such as,
But his latest tattoos are certainly his most eye-catching.
Ophthalmologists say they don't like the looks of eye tattoos, arguing they can lead to infection that could cause blindness or even the loss of an eye.
Do you see what he did there? Har-de-har-har.

Anyway, as it turns out, Mr. Gone isn't the first person to tattoo his eyeballs. That distinction apparently belongs to someone from Toronto with the improbable yet charming name Pauly Unstoppable.
Yesterday, just after BMEfest and just before ModProm, we did the rather stress-inducing experiment of doing the first three “eyeball tattooing” experiments on sighted eyes. The procedures were done by Howie (, with photos by Lane Jensen (of Tattoo and Piercing Magazine). The first procedure was done on Pauly Unstoppable using a traditional hand-poked technique. The eye distorted significantly but it was difficult to get ink to hold. Probably about forty strikes in all were done but so far it seems like limited ink held.

Following the link above will get you to some photos of the procedure, which continued on two other people. Those photos are just as creepy as you expect.

And, after finding an incredible TWO WHOLE CASES, the Huffington Post declares, Eye Tattoos Become Newest Trend in Prisons.
Although we don't know much about style-behind-bars, we were aware of the body piercing and the tattooing that goes on in the cells...but two prisoners have opened our eyes to the newest self-mutilating trend: eye tattoos that change the sclera to be blue or even red.
There was a video embedded in the post linked above, but it was removed from YouTube "because its content violated YouTube's terms of service." Having had two videos of my own removed from YouTube for such reasons, I can tell you that could mean anything, although HuffPo does describe the video as "Not Safe For The Easily-Nauseated."

Anyway, if you're determined to watch a video about these gentlemen, here is a brief clip from one of those (forward leaning?) MSNBC "Lock Up" specials:


Happy Halloween! (Don't put any candy in your eyes.)

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