Monday, October 25, 2010

Some advice for homesellers, based on many hours of HGTV-watching

I have been running every day (almost) this month, and I have noticed that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of properties for sale in my "area." In what must now be considered a "buyer's market," with so many "competing sellers," you would think that every single person who has a home for sale would do everything s/he could in order to "maximize their potential" sale.

And yet, I have seen no fewer than three sellers in my area make what I would consider to be very basic home sales mistakes -- based on expertise gleaned from hours of watching HGTV.

"Curb appeal" is vitally important in the selling of a home. If I've learned nothing from watching HGTV, I have learned that. "Buyers" decide within "the first sixty seconds" whether or not they're interested in a home. Often, buyers will simply "drive right past" a home for sale, without even getting out of their car.

Sellers should take no chances in making the outside of their home as inviting as possible. One thing that hosts like Sabrina Soto and Clive Pearse emphasize is using, say, neutral colors in your for-sale home, because the "bold" colors that you love might be off-putting to potential buyers. And hosts like John Gidding and Genevieve Gorder are always harping on the importance of making the outside of your home as appealing to as many potential buyers as possible.

If your house is for sale, don't put anything in or outside or around your home that could in any way cause potential offense, or give your buyers any reason to take a look at any of the dozens if not hundreds of other homes that are for sale in the area.

That is why I do not understand why there are at least three people within a six-mile radius of my house who have homes for sale that also have those ugly, irritating election campaign signs. In each case, the election signs are positioned right next to the "for sale" signs.

You're eliminating half your potential buyers right there. "He's supporting CANDIDATE X? Well, I'm not buying a house from him! CANDIDATE X supports ISSUE I DISAGREE WITH."

I have never liked those election yard signs. Do people who are driving by ever see those and think, "Hey, that house has a sign for that candidate I don't like. I think I'll go ahead and change my vote. What a sign!"? Or, "I wasn't sure for whom I should vote, but somebody had CANDIDATE X's sign out in her yard, and so I was all like, 'Okay!'"?

Those signs are irritating and ugly. Unless the candidate has a really elegant, beautiful name, like Marriannette Mounds-of-Venus, or Jimmy McRib, or a particularly "bold" font is used (but if the font is too bold, that might put off potential buyers!) the signs should not be placed in anyone's yard. They are a detriment.

Especially to selling a home. I feel confident in imparting this advice, having, as I've said, watched many hours of HGTV. Actually, I guess I wouldn't say I've watched it, so much as been in the same room when it was on.

The only reason to put one of those annoying, ugly candidate yard signs outside your for sale home, is to try to entice the lovely Sofie Allsopp, host of The Unsellables, to come to your house to tell you all the things you're doing wrong. She's so delightful when she's scolding clueless home sellers about why their ugly house isn't selling! Maybe it's the accent.

Sofie Allsopp pic source.

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