Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sponsored Post: TLC Casting Call!

Is there some aspect of your lifestyle/biology/family life that is unusual, yet in all other respects you are completely boring? If so, TLC would like to build a show around you!

Our cameras will follow you around 24 hours a day, as you go about your daily routine. Are you going to work? We'll be there! Are you going shopping for groceries? We'll be there! Are you just sitting at home, doing nothing at all? We'll be there! And we'll broadcast it on our network which is available on most cable and satellite systems!

So far, we have shows celebrating boring little people, boring married couples with multiple children, boring polygamists, boring overweight families, boring mall cops, and boring bakery owners (actually, forget that one)! But now we're looking for more boring people! People just like you!

Do you think you're as boring as "The Little Couple's" Bill Klein and Jen Arnold? Give TLC a call!

For instance, are you a boring couple who runs a sex toy shop, or has your own sexual-themed webcam show? Give us a call (especially if you're also little people)! Are you a heavily-tattoed couple that runs a junkyard, and are having trouble conceiving a child, or have multiple children (more than six, please)? We're dying to set our cameras loose on you -- but only if you're boring! Are you part of a set of conjoined twins that runs a skydiving company, a dogwalking service, a political consulting firm, and you do some mean "tailgating" on the weekend? If so, and you're totally and completely unremarkable in every other way, please consider TLC for your reality-show needs!

TLC has the proven track record of turning boring people into minor cable television stars! Why not let us work our magic on you?*

The Browns of TLC's "Sister Wives" have made polygamy as dull as dull can be! Can you do the same for your own unusual lifestyle? Call TLC now!

*Only if you're boring, please.

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