Monday, October 18, 2010

TLC's perfect show, "The Three Little Plygs:" Polygamists who happen to be little people with multiple children

My new post over at When Falls the Coliseum is about TLC's new show, "The Three Little Plygs." A sample:
TLC, the network that has brought us reality shows about little people, families with multiple children, and polygamists, has finally created what must be its ultimate television show, entitled “The Three Little Plygs.” Its first episode premiered last night and let me tell you it was exactly as thought-provoking, humorous, and exciting as real life.

The show tells the story of the Popinjay family. They’re just like you and me, except for a few superficial differences. First of all, they’re a family of little people. Second of all, they’re polygamists. Third of all, every one of the “sister wives” has given birth to multiples.

As the husband, John, is fond of saying (he seems to say this or some variant to the camera every five minutes), “Love should multiply, even a little.”

If you’re confused by the title, as I was, let me explain. They are little people, hence the word “Little.” They are polygamists, and “plyg” is a slang term for “polygamist,” especially for those in certain areas of southern Utah (we’re never told where in Utah the little plygs live).  As for the number “three,” well, the explanation for that comes at the end of the first episode, courtesy of John.

John is the first of the Popinjays that we meet. He owns a barbecue restaurant that doubles as a bakery and motorcycle repair shop. They also sell wedding dresses. I didn’t catch the name of the place, but apparently it’s not open on Sundays, because at one point John says to the camera, “We don’t sell sundaes on Sundays.” That is how John talks. He is more enthusiastic than clever, which I have to admit I found charming (not enough to marry him!), although he occasionally takes things too far, such as when he starts explaining about his family’s fertility situation:

“I love my wives very much, but it can be difficult for little people to conceive. That’s why the sister wives all took fertility treatments, and why our little love ended up multiplying the way it has. My sperm count is normal. I actually have very large testicles for a little person.”
The rest can be read here.

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