Monday, November 1, 2010

Poodle Bitch assumes she is not welcome on Oprah Winfrey's new network

A human woman.

Poodle Bitch had never entertained any illusions about ever appearing on television at all, let alone on a network created by someone as illustrious as the human woman Oprah Winfrey, who was absurdly ranked third in the Forbes list of the most powerful women in America this year. Nor had Poodle Bitch ever entertained any illusions about ever being barred from making such an appearance.

And yet, Poodle Bitch notes that Ms. Winfrey has specifically banned her.
Don't expect Oprah to go down market on her network OWN, launching in January.

In a speech at Maria Shriver's Women's Conference, she said her cable net will be "fun and entertaining without tearing people down and calling them bitches. Imagine that. Imagine."

Poodle Bitch considers herself to be "up market," and so she is irritated by the author's assumption that bitches are "down market." But that irritation pales in comparison to what she feels about Ms. Winfrey's blanket assumption that the word "bitch" is pejorative.

Poodle Bitch proudly calls herself a bitch. It is what she is. In fact, she would be insulted if she were called something else.

Apparently, however, the word "bitch" is considered an insult when it is used against human women. Ms. Winfrey might have been inspired to institute her unnecessary ban by the use of the word by one of the co-hosts of the reprehensible program "The View," in reference to a female human politician:
The anger against [Joy Behar] has only strengthened now that she’s called Sharron Angle a “bitch” two days in a row.

Later, Ms. Behar apologized for misusing the word:
“I really shouldn’t have called her a bitch,” said Behar today. “To me, that’s a term of endearment. I reserve that word for people that I know and love. So that was a mistake and I take it back.”

Far be it from Poodle Bitch to approvingly quote a co-host of "The View," but she does like the idea that "bitch" can be a term of endearment among humans.

Among dogs, however, it is simply a word used to describe one gender. Humans who are female are called "women." Dogs are called "bitches." Poodle Bitch does not have any particular animosity toward any female dogs, but if she did, she would go around calling them "women."

"That bitch down the street is a real woman."

It sticks in Poodle Bitch's mouth. She does not insult lightly. And by the way, despite what the author of the last article quoted might believe, "bitch" is not a "curse word."
Curse words – the solution to partisan bickering?

A bitch is just a bitch. Ms. Winfrey and other humans would do well to remember it.

A human woman.

Joy Behar photo source.
Oprah Winfrey photo source.

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A.Jaye said...

Since I am a verified animal lover (the women of my hometown can attest - they have seen me walking my friend's og many a time) I feel it my duty to ellucidate the Poodle.

'Bitch' is a cusrse word when directed at human men.

If you don't believe me call it me.