Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A comic book about Maureen Dowd -- Wha--?

Last month, 82.83% of the comic books sold through Diamond Distributors (basically the distributor from which almost every comic book shop in America gets almost every one of its comic books) were either Marvel or DC. 15 other companies fought it out for the rest of the market.

Of the top 100 comics, a whopping 4 were not published by DC or Marvel. Those four were either licensed properties (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Warlord of Mars, True Blood), or have a famous television series based on them (The Walking Dead).

If you're a small publisher trying to make a splash in comics, you have an uphill battle. Get yourself an agreement with HBO. Get a development deal with AMC. Or, you create a comic book with a subject that will grab headlines.

A company called Bluewater Productions has been creating comic books based on public figures like Oprah Winfrey, Barbara Walters, Ellen DeGeneres and Meredith Vieira, and the casts of the "Twilight" movies, and the "Glee" television show.

I am waiting for the comic book tracing the lives of "Rock of Love" contestants. Now, there is a comic book waiting to happen.

But this one, the comic book about Maureen Dowd. Um.
Maureen Dowd, the famous and popular political opinion columnist, is about to write her most powerful and influential column ever!! She's come in possession of information that could topple the American government, destroy the White House and bring the Free World to its knees. Joined by the shadowy black-ops rogue agent, Shadow Wolf, can she fend off the assaults of fanatical White House officials and Hezzbollah commandos in time to write and deliver her column before deadline and still be on time for her third date with George Clooney? What's a girl to do?
This is satire, I know. But talk about bad timing -- this is the week that Interpol put Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks founder, on their "Most Wanted" list. This was ostensibly done because police in Sweden have re-opened a "rape" case against him, but likely has much to do with the fact that certain elements in the US government are unhappy with his release of "classified" documents.

But, yeah, the comic book about the tired, hacky, and plagiarizing New York Times columnist and her "Shadow Wolf" might be just as interesting as what's happening in the "real world."

 Julian Assange actually kind of looks like a comic book character. And unlike the comic book version of Maureen Dowd, he is actually standing up to the US government and releasing "sensitive" material that the bureaucrats and politicians who run the country deem to be too important for any of us to see. So, where is his comic book?

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