Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In fairness, Brittanya attacked that woman with a "pimp cup" BEFORE she went to Charm School

You will remember, if you watch VH1 reality shows, that Brittanya, star of "Rock of Love Bus," (where she might or might not have slept with Bret Michaels), and "I Love Money 4" (where she might or might not have slept with Chi Chi, 20 Pack, and Punisher), had to leave "Charm School with Ricki Lake" for a day to appear in court because she was facing a year in prison on an assault charge.

TMZ is reporting that the tattooed sweetie is now going to jail for six months.
One of the chicks Bret Michaels dissed on "Rock of Love Bus" has just begun a 6-month stint behind bars for unleashing a bloody attack on another woman with a pimp chalice ... TMZ has learned.

25-year-old Brittanya O'Campo checked into Ventura County Jail in California yesterday ... after pleading guilty to felony assault with a deadly weapon and misdemeanor battery for an incident back in 2008.

Law enforcement sources tell us the deadly weapon was a "pimp cup" -- à la Lil' Jon.
During Brittanya's Charm School stay, the show was cagey about what charges she was facing. They mentioned something about a smackdown, or something like that, but it must have been serious if she was sentenced to six months in jail in Southern California.

They need the space in Southern California jails. And they need the money. If you get six months, you did some real damage, and somebody is afraid of you. (Now, whether she actually serves all that time is another question.)

But six months. Yeesh.

And VH1 and 51 Minds still cast Brittanya in "I Love Money 4," even after she'd been charged.

Yeesh, again.

I refuse to believe that a woman who is this physically attractive could be capable of violence. Even though I saw her behave violently on reality shows, you know those things are edited to make the participants look worse than they really are.


A.Jaye said...

Any excuse to post a picture of Brittanya.

My thanks.

The girl is ratings. She'll be cast in something else when she gets out before Easter.

Melissa said...

An idea to salvage the reality careers of Brittanya and Bret Michaels, who made the possibly career-ending decision to play himself as a family man on vh1 of all places: how about jailhouse rock of love? Brittanya can pimp hot fellow inmates to Bret. Win win.