Monday, December 6, 2010

Klingon Christmas Carol: The reason for the season

I don't like "A Christmas Carol." I don't like "Star Trek." But this makes me insanely happy:
The first play ever to be produced entirely in the Klingon language, the Twin Cities phenomenon A Klingon Christmas Carol has finally come to Chicago. Scrooge has neither honor nor courage in this uproarious twist on the classic holiday tale. Can the visits of three spirits help him to become a true warrior in time to save Tiny Tim from a horrible fate? Find out in Commedia Beauregard's melding of Charles Dickens' morality tale with the language and culture of the Star Trek warrior race. Performed "in the original Klingon" (with English subtitles provided for the benefit of audience members who don't speak the language), this bizarre hit has earned itself a following of both Trek devotees and novices alike.
Everyone is different. Everyone has their own devotions, many of which I find strange. I might even consider them to be wastes of time. But we live in a world in which a group of people with highly specialized interests can come together to create something that makes themselves happy -- and other like-minded and perhaps not-so-like-minded people happy, too.

The world is going to shit. Seriously. But you know what? Things aren't really that bad when people have the time to put on a production such as this -- and others have the money to pay to see it.

Whenever I see something like this, a large group of people who are so enthusiastic about something about which I just do not care, it makes me insanely happy.* It's a nice reminder that there are all kinds of different people in the world, and the tools of their happiness are out there. Maybe things aren't quite so bad, after all.

*I'm not talking about political stuff. Whenever I see people wearing Che Guevara t-shirts, for example, I get pretty irritated.

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