Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Dilemma: To cast live actors in films, or go completely CGI?

When it was revealed that director Robert Rodriguez had used CGI to simulate a nude scene with Jessica Alba in the film "Machete," I joked that Ms. Alba needed to watch out -- that with the advances made with CGI, pretty soon live actors would be completely obsolete.

Our favorite leading actors will be replaced with animated figures in films. The actors themselves will no longer appear in any films; they'll exist merely as fodder for gossip blogs and "entertainment news" programs. After they've done their time appearing on red carpets and at nightclub openings, they can appear on reality shows such as "Celebrity Fit Club," and "Celebrity Rehab." Or, perhaps they can get home remodeling shows, a la "The Vanilla Ice Project."

That day has actually arrived, as can be seen from the poster for the new (and apparently under-performing) film "The Dilemma":

Look at that poster. Clearly the actors Vince Vaughn and Kevin James provided the inspiration for the two animated figures that appear in the film under their names. They look almost as charming and life-like as the animated figures from last-year's "Toy Story 3."

Of course, the standard for humanlike computer animated figures must remain those blue things from "Avatar."

Mr. Vaughn and Mr. James look almost as -- oh, wait. Hold on a second. I just read "The Dilemma's" imdb link, and, apparently, the film isn't CGI.

That's just a massively bitched-up photoshop job on the poster.  So I guess actors haven't yet been completely replaced by computer images.

Never mind then.


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Yeah they are going overboard with the photoshop these days.