Thursday, February 24, 2011

Are you with me David Wu? Are you really just a shadow of the man that I once knew? Are you crazy, are you high? Or just an ordinary guy? Have you done all you can do?

David Wu, the congressman from Oregon, has replaced Chris Lee as my favorite politician.

Here is a photo of him:

Whatta guy! He looks so much fun. Hardly your typical politician. First, because he donned the tiger suit. Second, because he is obviously having the time of his life. That is an expression of pure, unadulterated joy upon his face. (Compare that to the stodgy, pretentious, and affected pose of Chris Lee flexing before a mirror.) Third, he posed for a photograph. And Fourth, he actually sent the above photograph to his campaign workers.
Wu said this week that it was "unprofessional and inappropriate" to send pictures of himself wearing a tiger costume to staff members while he was in the middle of a heated campaign last year. He also acknowledged taking two tablets of a pain killer that were given to him by an unnamed campaign donor.

"This was the only time that this has ever happened," the congressman said in a statement of the pain killer episode. "I recognize that my action showed poor judgment at the time, and I sincerely regret having put my staff in a difficult position."
Also, fifth, he took "pain killers" given to him by... someone.

Again I say: Whatta guy!

But, he's also apparently a bit on the shall we say eccentric side. Apparently, after sending out the email to which the above tiger furry photo was attached, he then sent out a flurry of other emails, ostensibly written by his children.
Nineteen minutes later, at 1:22 am PST, a second email from Wu’s official email address went to multiple Wu staffers under the subject line “not funny.”

The email read as if it had come from one of Wu’s two children; the name of his middle-school-age daughter appeared at the end of it as a signature. But it’s not clear whether she sent the email in the wee hours of the morning or did so at the request of her father. Another possibility—the one that apparently disturbed staffers—is that Wu sent the email on his own, pretending to be his child. In any case, the email suggests Wu had been sparring with his staff.

“You’re the best, but my Dad made me say that, even though you threatened to shut down his campaign.”

Ten minutes later a third email went to two female staffers. This time, it contained another photo and a similar “you’re the best” message. The name of Wu’s son appeared at the bottom of that email.

Whether the photo depicted a staged or real event is uncertain. Someone who appears to be Wu is in the full-body tiger costume. He is face-down on a made bed with his arms at his side, as if asleep or passed out.
Please follow the links to the stories above for more of Mr. Wu's shenanigans, they are shall we say interesting.

The tawdriest part of the story is that Mr. Wu's campaign staff, fearing he might be insane, actually hid him from voters. To try to keep his alleged "insanity" hidden from the people who were to be represented by him in congress. Think about for a minute. His staff thinks they're working for a man who is actually insane, and rather than reveal their concerns, or at the very least allow him to make his eccentric appearances which would help the voters to get a fuller understanding of the man who represents them (he's an incumbent), the campaign staff hides him for the last three days of the campaign.

So the voters can't see him.

The man represents Portland. Maybe they want an allegedly crazy man representing them. Maybe they don't. Hiding him like that was the same as lying to the people.

Of course it's not like the voters of Portland didn't have some idea about his eccentricities. Via Wonkette (and check that site for more hilarious photos), is this clip of Mr. Wu complaining of Klingons in the White House. Really.

"There are Klingons in the White House. But unlike the real Klingons of 'Star Trek,' these Klingons have never fought a battle of their own..."

The real Klingons of "Star Trek"? Um, Klingons aren't real. This video is from 2007. Congress elects people every two years. Mr. Wu was an incumbent. That means that he still won re-election after his "real Klingons" speech.

But his staff got concerned after the emails with the tiger costume photos?

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A.Jaye said...

Is your democracy better than ours? 'Cos ours is pretty crap.

Ricky Sprague said...

I was under the impression that you were living under a monarchy.

Aren't you excited about that big royal wedding?

A.Jaye said...


I remember the last big royal wedding. And look what happened to her.