Thursday, February 3, 2011

James Franco is the perfect celebrity

James Franco likes to masturbate. He said so himself, back in September 2010:
"When I'm alone, I do masturbate a lot. I tend to have a four- or five-time day," the hotel-hopping star told the industry website with a laugh
So why am I posting about this now (and I've actually already written about it)? Well, it's about James Franco, and it's about masturbation. Do I really need a reason to repost about it?

Actually, I did have a reason. Mr. Franco is at it again -- and this time, he's bringing along 12 others to join him.
Academy Award-nominated actor James Franco has partnered with Columbia College Hollywood to offer an innovative course through which 12 of the private film school’s best editing students will create a 30 minute documentary film from videographic footage from Mr. Franco’s own unorthodox career.

bq. Mr. Franco’s frequent collaborator editor and Tyler Danna is teaching the course, which has been entitled Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco. Mr. Franco is providing the footage - much of it from behind the scenes on short films he has directed - and the conception for the course and will speak to the students weekly via live feed (Skype) and attend class the weekly class sessions when his schedule allows. The student editors will seek to create a cinematic image of James Franco through the footage. […]

Master Class: Editing James Franco…with James Franco meets on Thursday afternoons weekly. As conceived by Mr. Franco and Mr. Danna, the class sessions themselves will be taped and be part of the final film created by the class or another project.
There is the potential to carry the class forward with 12 different editors in the spring quarter and beyond as the film project continues.
Emphasis added because this class is like a möbius strip folding in on itself and becoming a Koch Snowflake while reflected in a series of funhouse mirrors ad infinitum ad nauseum.

James Franco has become my favorite celebrity. More than any other, he understands and exploits the absurdity of our soulless, PoMo culture.  We want to know everything about these people -- well, James Franco tells us he masturbates (he's a man-- he can't get out of a car with no panties a la Britney Spears). The main goal of more than half of young people today is to become famous. James Franco is creating a class about himself. He is hosting the Academy Awards, the biggest promotional event in Hollywood, on the very night he's a nominee for Best Actor.

I hope the class is real. I really hope it's not just a prank. If it is a prank, it's pretty funny. But if it's earnest, that's even better.
James Franco's Library of America edition is going to be one of that series most interesting.

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