Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Friday -- Time to start raising our children

For decades "we" have been telling "our" children (it takes a village to raise a child, remember?) that they are special. Every single one of them. They can do anything they want. They are the future. Whenever politicians do anything, they claim to be doing it "for the children." They are entitled. They all get awards now simply for participating.

And as a result... now, the primary goal of young people is to be famous. They don't want to accomplish something. They want to be famous. No matter what, they want to be famous. And the adults around those children will do anything they can to help their special little standard-bearers of the future to achieve their goals.

And where are we heading? Well, because yesterday was Thursday, today must be Friday, Friday.

The last day of the week is as good a day as any to examine exactly what is wrong with the way in which "we" (by which I mean you) are raising "our" (by which I mean your, I don't want any credit for them) children. Nothing that I could type here would top the video I've embedded above. Plus, it's been all over the internets for awhile now.

I would like to point out, however, that that video is not the fault of Rebecca Black. She is just a child. She doesn't know any better. She has been poorly raised by parents who were themselves taught the exact wrong way in which to raise children. Not every child should or will get to do whatever she wants. Some kids might wish that they could sing, but no amount of autotune is going to imbue them with talent. Some kids might long to be songwriters, but just stringing words together doesn't make you such. It is up the parents to be parents and say, "You can do other things better, let's look into those," or at least, "You're not ready yet."

Then again, it's hard to blame the adults around her, when this is popular:

And this:

And this:

And this:

In other words, what do I know? This is what I listen to:

And this:

And this:

Happy Friday!


Ed Gorman said...

Great post. I speak as a Geezer so always take that into account when I mutter something. The Times ran an obit this morning about Bob Marcussi, the man who discovered and promoted Frankie Avallone and Fabian back in the late Fifties. There was a good movie made about him with the late Ray Starkey called The Idol. Fabian disliked the film so much he sued over his portrayl. These two were teen idols big time, in their late teens themselves when they hit. They spawned imitators nationally and locally. Talent contests etc. It was cool to be like one of them (I always thought both of them were slightly dorky but tolerable). And naturally enough there were plenty of kids who had bands that imitated Elvis and Buddy Holly. At my high school of two thousand there must have been six or seven bands like that. I think the big difference between then and now was access to promotion. The only way you could get heard back then was to go out and play. Today you can put it on Facebook and if you're lucky be a star of sorts in three weeks. I'm sure all the kids back then would have used Facebook with the same fervor kids today are. You made a subtler point than mine and a good one. There wasn't the stench of narcissism and privilege
you see in these kids today.

Iced Borscht said...

This "Fridays" video is some kind of super-hit. Rebecca Black makes Debbie Gibson look like Frank Zappa.