Monday, March 21, 2011

The new Wonder Woman TV show: Is this the best they could do?

Over at When Falls the Coliseum, I have posted a piece about my second favorite modern superhero, Wonder Woman, and the new television program based upon her. A sample:

Entertainment Weekly has a photo of the costume to be featured in the new Wonder Woman television pilot, written by David E. Kelley.


The new Wonder Woman is portrayed by an actress called Adrianne Palicki. She apparently got her start in a television drama program about high school football. That would probably explain why I had never heard of her before.

But one must admit that Ms. Palicki fills out the Wonder Woman costume quite well. She is an elegantly constructed human. Given the fact that no human woman could ever adequately embody all of the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of the character, Wonder Woman is a tough role. After all, she has "perfect modern Venus measurements":

In fact, the only human who could have portrayed her does not and has never existed. However, using cutting edge computer technology, not unlike that utilized by the famous motion pictures "Avatar," and "Machete," I have created an image of the only woman who could have portrayed the character:

That is an actress created by placing the head of the delightful Ms. Myrna Loy on the supple body of the beautiful Ms. Esther Williams. I am calling this actress Myrna Williams. Or, if you prefer, Esther Loy. I prefer Myrna Williams.
The rest of the piece can be read by following this link!

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