Friday, June 3, 2011

Anthony Weiner and the angst of the modern man: When engaging in time-honored courtship rituals leads to scorn

I have a new piece up at When Falls the Coliseum, this one about the Anthony Weiner story. The first bits:
The sending of photos of one's genitalia to the object of your affection is a beautiful expression of love, desire, and trust. By exposing yourself, you are opening yourself completely to another person. There is nothing so gratifying. There is nothing so perilous. "Here I am, in all my glory," you are saying. "Accept me, please."

It takes strength, courage, and genuine affection to express yourself so forthrightly.

Sadly, in our post modern, cynical society, any display of open-hearted and sincere devotion is perceived as weakness. It is something to be attacked, not celebrated. Despised, not praised. One need look no further than the tragic case of the American-style footballing quarterbacker, Brett Favre, and the seemingly beautiful Jenn Sterger, for a prime example of what can happen to a man who makes this romantic gesture.

The man who sends photos of his genitalia to a prospective romantic partner is engaging in a time-honored courtship ritual. Throughout history, man has sought to distinguish himself from other suitors by revelatory bravura. It is as much a part of our evolution as the opposable thumb, or the uvula.

The entire thing can be read here.

A little bonus: Mr. Weiner's belligerent, evasive, awkward press conference -- complete with terrible and irrelevant metaphor!

"I was giving a speech to... 45,000 people... and someone in the back of the room threw a pie, or yelled out an insult... would I spend the next two hours responding to that? No. I would get back-- I would get back-- I would get back--"

And an interview:

"Hacked or pranked-- whatever you want to call it..."

Hm. What should we call it?

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