Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Three funny comics in one Sunday section!

This past Sunday, three comics I read in a newspaper actually made me laugh out loud. First up, my choice for funniest of the week, "Garfield":

Garfield is a cat who likes to eat. He likes to eat a lot. In this comic, we see that Garfield likes to eat so much, that he hallucinates about the food coming to him for help, the way a child comes to a parent in the night.

And then, Garfield eats the food. Like children. That is really funny. I actually laughed again today, when I re-read it.

This week's Sunday comics section also had another comic strip that I liked, although not quite as well:

Generally I avoid the comic strip "Zits" because I find the word "zit" to be distasteful. This one caught my eye because of the use of the comic strip medium itself to convey to the reader, subtly, that the protagonist was unknowingly climbing a tree. This gag wouldn't work as animation.

My enthusiasm for this strip was dampened upon learning that "Zits" has an ongoing "anti-texting" propaganda campaign.

And third, this "Bizarro" strip:

A funny twist on this classic trope that I don't remember ever seeing before. At first I thought the "The power of positive thinking" bit was overkill, but I see the point behind the caption.

Anyway, that is a first since I was a kid: Three comics in one Sunday section that made me laugh out loud. Good job, comics!

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