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Spider-Man villain arrested at Comic-Con!

In a cheap attempt to get some more "nipple slip" traffic, here is a photo of actor Rhys Ifans proudly displaying his nipple.

Reuters, which is allegedly some kind of "news" organization, ran a story about a "Spider-Man" villain being arrested at Comic Con. This is the headline:

"Spider-Man" villain Ifans arrested at Comic-Con

The "Ifans" referenced in the headline is an actor called Rhys Ifans. He is an actor who portrays a "villain" called The Lizard in the upcoming Spider-Man film, "The Amazing Spider-Man. Mr. Ifans is not himself a villain -- nor, for that matter, is Spider-Man an actual person. As for the arrest:
[San Diego police spokeswoman Lt. Andra] Brown told Reuters a member of Ifans' "entourage" did not have proper identification to enter Comic-Con, a gathering of science-fiction fans and comic book lovers. for a promotional event to tout the upcoming "Spider-Man" movie.

Ifans used his hand to push his way past security, Brown said. He cursed the staff, hurled insults at the United States and loudly complained: "I don't live here," she said.

The police spokeswoman added that Ifans' breath "smelled like alcohol" but he was not cited for public drunkenness.
I attended every Comic-Con from 1999-2007, and I can say that it just got more and more every year. More crowded, more harrowing, more tiring, more tiresome. A big part of the problem, for me, were the security guards and the volunteers who stood around trying to direct traffic. They honestly thought that this was their ONE BIG CHANCE to lord it over on the miserable nerds and geeks who attended -- many of whom have paid extraordinary amounts of money, not only in admission charges but in travel, hotel, and food expenses, not to mention the time spent getting into the convention center and walking around -- and to show them exactly who was in charge. They could be completely insufferable.

I have had my own oh so minor run-ins with these people, usually about the direction of foot traffic -- "you can't go that direction, if you want to get into that exhibit hall you have to go all the way around the corner and come back the way you came," that kind of stuff.

So, on the one hand, I sympathize with Mr. Ifans.

On the other hand, he is a very well-compensated Hollywood celebrity who was attending on Sony Pictures' dime and most people bent over backwards to ensure that this man and his costars had as easy a time as possible under the circumstances, and by the way boo hoo isn't such a burden having to go to beautiful San Diego, one of the loveliest cities in the world, to promote your multi-hundred-million-dollar major studio film?

So, on the other hand, Mr. Ifans can fook off, as I believe they say in the country from which he hails (he's Welsh).

The Wrap has more:
An individual with knowledge of the incident said security was very "tight and aggressive backstage." The person said Ifans stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, and when he tried to get back in security tried to stop him and his entourage, which escalated into an argument.
This person might be Ifans himself, or a member of his entourage, but I'm inclined to believe the "tight and aggressive" line. Still, I find it very difficult to believe that security was particularly "tight and aggressive" with one of the stars of a major Hollywood movie who was there to sit on a panel promoting said movie.

Also, where did he go to smoke his cigarette???
Here is a statement to TheWrap from Lt. Brown:

"Rhys Ifans (the Lizard in the new "Spider-Man" movie) was placed under citizen's arrest for battery on a security guard. A member of his entourage did not have proper credentials for the entrance he was at. He was abusive, belligerent, and aggressive, and shoved a female security guard aside to shove his way through. After the panel, he was cited and released. He was verbally abusive to all, the PD and the USA. After receiving his citation he left the venue."
It's interesting to me that the spokesperson seems to be emphasizing, not just in the statement above but in her quotes to the press, that Mr. Ifans was "verbally abusive" to the police department and the USA. I'm not sure how one is "verbally abusive" to an organization of professional law enforcement members and an entire country. I don't think it's possible. Let's assume he said, "The USA is bollocks."

Is that verbal abuse? Against a country? Poor USA, can't take a few insults from an actor for crying out loud. Pity the poor San Diego police department, Rhys Ifans says he doesn't like them.

Even if Mr. Ifans was "verbally abusive" to the USA etc, here in this country we have a FIRST AMENDMENT that guarantees freedom of speech and expression. That has no bearing at all on the incident. If he was "verbally abusive" to the specific security guard whom he allegedly shoved, then, yes, that might be relevant. But who cares if he doesn't like the USA?

Moreover, in this country, you are to be considered INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. The police spokesperson's statement reads, "He was abusive, belligerent, and aggressive, and shoved a female security guard aside to shove his way through." Nowhere does it say that he has merely been accused of this behavior. Nor does it use the word "allegedly." This is a statement from the San Diego police department's spokesperson. It carries a lot of weight.

Anyway, this is the most interesting "Spider-Man" movie reboot news I have heard yet.

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