Friday, July 15, 2011

The US Military's insidious recruitment effort: getting soldiers to ask out hot celebrities, and then the celebrities say yes

Another US soldier has asked out another hot celebrity; this one a member of a women's soccer team (AKA "football" in the rest of the world):
Capt. Nassar Jabour posted a You Tube video asking [Hope] Solo to attend the Austrian Officer’s Ball with him this January. In the video Jabour says he “doesn’t want to marry” Hope, he just wants to take her to the dance. And in the meantime, if she’d like to get to know him better, he’d “love a pen pal.”
Here is the video of Capt. Jabour asking out Ms. Solo:

Here is a photo of Ms. Solo:

Lucky ball!

I said "another US soldier has asked out another hot celebrity" in the first paragraph of this post because, as Capt. Jabour himself says in the video, the actress Mila Kunis and the actor Justin Timberlake have also been asked out by soldiers.
Mila Kunis is definitely going to the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Scott Moore in November.
The whole saga began earlier this month, when Timberlake told Kunis of Moore's date request, which the Marine -- who's currently stationed in Afghanistan -- posted on YouTube. At Timberlake's urging, the "Black Swan" star declared that she would accept the date.

Timberlake has also received an invitation to the same ball, from a female Marine stationed in Virginia, but he has yet to respond.
Here is a photo of Ms. Kunis:

And Justin Timberlake:

Clearly, these are three attractive young people. Two of them are more attractive than the other one, as far as I'm concerned, but I'll let you decide for yourself which of the three is best. Maybe you like all three of them equally, I don't know. That's on you. I won't judge. Anyway, it is pretty clear that this whole "soldiers-asking-out-celebrities" thing has been orchestrated by our military-industrial complex (US military in coordination with the powerful corporations for which these celebrities work) to make the soldiers' life more appealing.

As the US military spreads itself all over the world, becoming involved in more and more conflicts, our government needs to recruit more soldiers. Holding out the promise that they will get to attend some kind of "ball" with the likes of Mila Kunis is enough incentive for anyone, most especially me. I don't know where my nearest recruitment center is located, but I'm heading over there tomorrow. In the meantime, I am preparing a video in which I will be asking for a date with the lovely JoAnn Worley.

It's not like I had any other chance of meeting her.


A.Jaye said...

Soldiers do what they're told.

So do celebrities.

In other news - how does the US treat it's veterans?

Patrick said...

Ummm....actually command is really pissed about these videos ( and so are alot of fellow soldiers). Maybe these guys are asking celebs out because they know there's a reasonable chance they'll say yes. And hell what with the base locations and deployments military life can be pretty hard on the single guys (and yes I'm absolutely speaking from experience).

I mean seriously dude exactly how many soldiers, marines or airmen do you actually know? And if you do know any (which I doubt) then ask them how many times they were "ordered" to "ask a celebrity out". I mean seriously dude soldiers are people too and if they think posting a youtube video gives them even a 10% chance of dating a hot celeb then yes a bunch of them will do it.

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