Saturday, August 27, 2011

Jim Carrey's "Emma Stone" video is the best thing he's done in years

Emma Stone is one of the latest Hollywood "It" girls. She is currently appearing in two films that are in the top ten in box office receipts: "The Help" at number one, and "Crazy, Stupid, Love" (yes, there are apparently two commas in the title of that film) at number nine. According to her IMDb page, she has at least four movies coming out in the next two years. She is physically attractive and apparently a very appealing actress. The only one of her movies I was able to sit all the way through was "Superbad," and I honestly don't remember her being in it.

Anyway, here is a photo of her:

She's sometimes a red-head, although on occasion she has been blond (she can play a range of characters):

She is symmetrical, young (she's in her early 20's, I believe), and has a sort of wholesome hotness that some men find appealing. Men run Hollywood. Male attitudes run Hollywood. I should say, arrested male attitudes run Hollywood. There seems to be a real appetite for these young, symmetrical, white girl-women -- it seems like every few months we get a new "It" girl who is super cute like this, and takes Hollywood by storm, appearing on magazine covers, being the subject of rampant gossip, and whose every move is relentlessly promoted by the Hollywood machine. Even today, via WeSmirch, we can read a story about her "date night" with her "Amazing Spider-Man" co-star Andrew Garfield. They went to Nobu together!

Ms. Stone is just the latest "It" girl. They come along every so often (sometimes two or three at a time!) -- some are able to outlast their "It" status, but some don't. Off the top of my head, I can remember:

Remember Alicia Silverstone?

How about Lindsay Lohan?

Scarlett Johansson?

Amy Adams.

Olivia Wilde gets the "brunette" roles that don't go to Ms. Stone right now.

There are a lot of roles for young, attractive, symmetrical white girls. Hollywood has an obsession with them. The men who run Hollywood have an obsession with them. The comic actor Jim Carrey has created a wonderfully insightful little video that perfectly satirizes the arrested fantasies of the middle-aged men who run Hollywood, in the form of a message to the actress Emma Stone:

Mr. Carrey affects a pensive, thoughtful expression of sincerity as he compliments Ms. Stone on being "not just pretty, but... smart, and kind-hearted" even as the camera is right in close on his face, creased and sagging with age.

This is Hollywood in a nutshell. Wealthy, privileged middle-aged men telling young, firm, doe-eyed starlets how "smart" and "kind-hearted" they are. Telling them how they're inspiring in them new feelings and emotions. Feelings about settling down and raising a family. Feelings about finally committing to that one special young woman who will save them from the life of wealth and power that suddenly seems so... inconsequential, in the face of these new feelings. In less than two minutes, Jim Carrey has exposed and demolished the attitude that runs much of Hollywood.

It's not about money. It's about impressing young women with your sensitivity.

The reaction to Mr. Carrey's brilliant video has been almost as amusing as the video itself. Someone at Yahoo! Movies called it "creepy" and "a joke taken too far":
We'll give Jim Carrey the benefit of the doubt and assume this video love letter to Emma Stone he posted on his official website is the result of an idea for a joke taken too far, but, no matter what his intentions were in filming it, it's pretty creepy. 
This person has either never been to Hollywood, or he is afraid of offending every single man he's ever met who worked in Hollywood. The video isn't creepy. The attitude is creepy. It's the attitude that explains the morbid interest in 18th birthday countdowns. (There's a website, which seems to be dormant now, called Countdown to 18, devoted to it.) It explains the "It" girl phenomenon, and the motivations for it. It explains why so many actresses who make it look so fresh-faced and attractive in the same ways.

The Huffington Post hedged a bit, calling the video "possibly creepy" in its headline.
Jim Carrey may have taken the name "Crazy, Stupid, Love." a little bit too literally.

The 49-year old actor just released a video in which he declares his love to 22-year old It Girl actress Emma Stone, in which he day dreams about their would-be marriage and sex.
He, of course, could be joking, which would make it hilarious given how inexplicable it is and how straight he plays it.
You might remember the Huffington Post as the website that gave a platform to Mr. Carrey back when he was dating the odious Jenny McCarthy, in which he claimed that there was a link between autism and vaccinations (yes, Mr. Carrey was/is[?] one of those people). His evidence was rotten.

For years, Mr. Carrey was on this kick. Now that he's no longer with Ms. McCarthy, maybe he's getting his mind straight again. This video is a heartening sign. Or, maybe it's just a fluke. Anyway, it was funny.

Not so funny was the video made in response by the alleged comedian Kathy Griffin. Her act seems to consist solely of self-righteousness, gossip about famous people, and jokes about the Palins. And, piggybacking on genuinely funny satire for her own aggrandizement.

A parody of a satire is completely pointless, and it perfectly illustrates her tone-deafness. Where Mr. Carrey was making a statement about the way Hollywood works, Ms. Griffin was making fun of Mr. Carrey himself, and in so doing actually targeted the audience. This video is nothing more than an apology for and a defense of the very thing that Mr. Carrey was satirizing. She seems to be attempting to mold herself into the Robert Benchley of the Reality Show Generation. Like Mr. Benchley, Ms. Griffin seems to have many jobs (reality show character, comedian, actress) none of which she performs with any real skill or insight.

The phenomenon of Justin Bieber arose from YouTube. He was created in the real world, and then appropriated by Hollywood. The "It" girls are created in Hollywood, by middle aged adolescent men, and then foisted upon the real world. That was the point of Mr. Carrey's "creepy" video. It's something Ms. Griffin seems to have missed, but then, it's in her best interests to do so. She should go back to dating Levi Johnston.


A.Jaye said...

I'm unaware of this Emma Stone chick but I am aware of the hysteria the Hollywood machine - and the mainstream media - foister on their chosen women.

Liz Taylor; the most beautiful woman in the world.

What? I've got eyes pal.

So Hollywood jews lust after shiksas. The same as it was a hundred years ago. Someone tell Carrey satire is supposed to be current. Someone tell Kathy Griffin comedy is supposed to be funny (as you stated).

I do remember Alicia Silverstone. Now that's beautiful.

Ricky Sprague said...

Some satire is timeless -- just as we will probably always read and appreciate "A Modest Proposal," so too will older men always want to bed younger women. It's a biological imperative. Even those of us who choose to remain childless still have an uncontrollable desire to plant our seed.

Ricky Sprague said...

I do wonder, though, if at some point in the future they will find a cure for the "biological imperative." Perhaps 1,000 years from now people will watch Mr. Carrey's video and wonder why an older man would be so interested in exchanging fluids with a younger woman.