Monday, September 26, 2011

It's time to start the boycott of the new "Batman" movie right now!

Pictures of Anne Hathaway in her Catwoman costume are lighting up the internet.

Here is one photo:

That's fine. Whatever. She's no Kathleen Garza, but then who is, really?

The real story is contained in one of the photos of Christian Bale, as Batman:

Question: Why is Christian Bale's Batman smiling in the above photo? Apparently, Christopher Nolan has decided to completely turn his back on what has made his Batman films the greatest Batman films since the previous Batman films:

Batman's brooding scowl.

Batman is a tortured hero. He is not a smiling, laughing, happy-go-lucky frolicker, gamboling about in the Batcave, riding his Batmobile on a Sunday drive for pleasure. He is driven to fight crime because his parents were brutally murdered before him. These photos of a smiling Batman show us that Christopher Nolan has decided to take his Batman franchise in the direction of Joel Schumacher -- he is turning Batman into a clown, and the Batman films into "comic book movies."

I had expected better things from this movie. But by showing Batman with a smile on his face, Christopher Nolan has done nothing less than defecate on the legend of the Dark Knight, one of the ten or fifteen greatest comic book characters of all time. When are we finally going to get a trilogy that does justice to the amazing source material?

When are we finally going to get a director to take comic books seriously as source material for films? Until we do, we need to boycott.

It's time to start the boycott of the new "Batman" movie right now!

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A.Jaye said...

Research shows that a PG-13 smile will add $50million to the bottom line in IMF austerity ravaged countries like Greece, Ireland and Iceland.

That's another $50m they'll have to borrow.