Saturday, November 12, 2011

On Sasha Grey reading to elementary school kids, and the true insidious purpose behind Read Across America

Sasha Grey, a former pornographic film performer and my choice to play Cheetah in any upcoming Wonder Woman film or television adaptation, apparently read to some school kids last week. According to TMZ, some parents complained about this.
Porn legend Sasha Grey says she will NOT back out of a national elementary school reading program -- despite pressure from parents -- claiming she will "not live in fear" of her XXX past.
The "national elementary school reading program" is something called "Read Across America," which is a program apparently aimed at getting school children to, well, read across America. Apparently they think that inviting famous people (the kids probably know Ms. Grey from her appearances -- playing herself -- on the HBO television program "Entourage") to read to children for photo opportunities will somehow encourage them to read for themselves.

Then again, perhaps Ms. Grey's elementary school appearance wasn't part of that program after all:
A spokesperson for Read Across America told that Gray [sic] was not affiliated with the program.
First of all, who proofreads It's Sasha Grey, not "Gray." But that's less important than the fact that Read Across America denies that Ms. Grey is "affiliated with the program."

Since didn't see fit to post Read Across America's spokesperson's statement, we don't really know what they're denying. Are they claiming that Ms. Grey has never been an employee of Read Across America, or are they claiming that Ms. Grey's reading session was not an officially-sanctioned Read Across America event?

I'd never heard of this program, so I went straight to their website to discover what they're all about. As it turns out, this seemingly altruistic program, with its goal of getting kids to read, has a sinister purpose that has nothing to do with pornography. Here's the first paragraph of the Read Across America website:

NEA Celebrates Reading with the Lorax in 2012

Green is the theme for a very special Read Across America celebration in 2012. NBC/Universal's The Lorax Movie (featuring the voices of Taylor Swift, Zach Efron, Danny Devito and Betty White) opens nationwide March 2, 2012 and Universal, Dr. Seuss Enterprises, and Random House are joining NEA's Read Across America in a special Read Across America campaign featuring new posters, teacher guides, events and activities on the RAA website.
It's a commercial for a piece of corporate entertainment called "The Lorax," complete with a hyperlink to the official NBC/Universal website. Apparently, Read Across America is an exercise in corporatism (will "The Lorax" be on these new posters and teacher guides?) designed to prime public school students for the opening of a new NBC/Universal film in March 2012.

Do the elementary school students have any choice as to whether or not they participate in this program? Do they have to sit there and listen while they're fed NBC/Universal propaganda -- or is this some kind of voluntary, after-school kind of thing, for kids who want to know what kind of corporate entertainment they should consume?

As noble as pornography might be, I don't think that students need to be exposed to a "porn star," ex or otherwise. The parents of a first grader might not want to have to explain to their child who exactly Sasha Grey is. But for crying out loud is that really as bad as using an alleged educational platform as a pretense for selling a piece of corporate entertainment to a group of suggestible public school kids?

And by the way: If in fact Ms. Grey's appearance was not an officially-sanctioned Read Across America event, then how do they explain this doctored screenshot of their website, promoting Ms. Grey's participation?


Anonymous said...

Porn Stars reading to first graders...WTF?

Anonymous said...

In this day of music videos, computer games and cell phones frankly it's refreshing to see the encouragement of reading irregardless of her past.

A.Jaye said...

Sasha Grey is a porno slut who shouldn't be allowed out in decent society never mind schools. The fact that she is allowed to do so against the will of a number of parents is indicitive of a corrosive culture.

Land of the free.

Your investigative journalism exposes the reasons why this strumpet was allowed in a classroom full os customers... kids. She's a trojan horse for the corporation. Or as the hippies like to call him - the man.

Capitalism will not set you free. It will enslave your children with (whips and) chains.

Post Script: Have you seen her work on Highly recommended.

Ricky Sprague said...

Coming next year:

"Reading shouldn't be "hard;" that's why Read Across America is pleased to announce its special collaboration with actor and author Ron Jeremy! Read Across America will be celebrating the joy of reading with Mr. Jeremy and his book, The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz! Join him as he tours public schools all over the country, reading to first and second graders, and discussing his life story, and the importance of reading!

Please see for more information."

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