Wednesday, January 11, 2012

PCMR Hero of the Month for January 2012: Sydney Spies

Sydney Spies is a high school senior from Colorado who is fighting a campaign to express herself through the use of her senior picture. She is being thwarted in this by a group of mewling, timid, bluenosing quislings who "edit" said yearbook.
Durango High School senior who had her yearbook photo yanked has her peers and not the administration to blame, the yearbook’s student editors said Thursday.

“The administration really had nothing to do with it,” said Tevan Trujillo, a student yearbook editor. “It was us.”
The editors – Trujillo, Erin Edblom, Paige Shacklett, Alyssa Spencer and Brian Jaramillo – said they unanimously came to the decision not to run her submitted photo as a senior portrait.
Oh, aren't they just so thoughtful and grown up. Making such an important decision all on their own.

Those editors -- Tevan Trujillo, Erin Edblom, Paige Shacklett, Alyssa Spencer and Brian Jaramillo -- deserve to have scorn and shame heaped upon them. They are ridiculous parodies of our modern, reactionary environment that punishes uniqueness and any self-expression that doesn't fit comfortably into accepted norms. Ms. Spies's photo makes them uncomfortable, and that's enough for them. The Durango High School yearbook apparently doesn't belong to the students -- it belongs to the five delicate little jackasses who currently edit it. Their sensibilities must not be offended.

Or, maybe they're just trying to extort money from someone they don't like. See, it turns out that those brave, important-decision making editors aren't opposed to the photo appearing in their yearbook. They just want Ms. Spies to pay for it:
They said the picture could still run in a section reserved for paid senior advertisements. Those ads usually feature “shout-outs” from friends and family and are located at the back of the yearbook.
So, far from being rock-ribbed fighters for decency and rightness, these little cretins -- Tevan Trujillo, Erin Edblom, Paige Shacklett, Alyssa Spencer and Brian Jaramillo -- are nothing more than cheap thugs blackmailing a fellow student by holding her yearbook picture hostage.

By the way -- here is the photo that has these little darlings of moral rectitude so scandalized:

Really. That is the picture that is at the heart of the first great First Amendment fight of 2012.

How much of a prude do you have to be to find that picture too scandalous for a yearbook? Actually, as I've already said, they don't -- they're just trying to get money out of her. But the little sleazes are trying to take the moral high ground by saying things like,
“We are an award-winning yearbook. We don’t want to diminish the quality with something that can be seen as unprofessional.”
That charming bit of self-aggrandizing nonsense was spouted by Brian Jaramillo, who puts his own "wants" above his fellow students'. He's not worried about protecting the other students, or even the school. He wants to protect his yearbook, and is attempting to block something that might take away from his reputation. After all, they might not get a mention at the Durango Colorado Knights of Columbus paper plate award ceremony.

What's really irritating is that this stupid story is just how stupid it is. These editors -- Tevan Trujillo, Erin Edblom, Paige Shacklett, Alyssa Spencer and Brian Jaramillo -- look like moral cretins for attempting this extortion. They are bullies attempting to impose their ideals on fellow students, who aren't people to them, but merely the contents of their "award winning yearbook."

And because they're in charge, they have the power.

The silver lining is that their asinine stunt is backfiring beautifully. Ms. Spies is now famous, at least for awhile. She'll have some doors opened for her because of this (she's already made it to the Today Show!). While Tevan Trujillo, Erin Edblom, Paige Shacklett, Alyssa Spencer and Brian Jaramillo will always be nothing more than the petty little sleazes who feigned moral outrage while trying to extort $300(!) from another student who submitted for publication a photo that could be of any given Disney channel star.

And the editors will have to live with the knowledge that no one who picks up a copy of this thing will be the least bit interested in all the amazing! award winning! work they put into it. Everyone's going to be turning back to Ms. Spies's "senior ad," to see what all the fuss was about. And laughing at them over it.


Miss Malevolent said...

I agree if the girl wants to look like a dumb blonde slut for her yearbook picture...let her.

Cause she knows that in a few years after the first couple of kids, she's going to spread out like mayo on a piece of bread and have stretch marks on every part of her body except her face. Then she'll be able to look back on her youth when she was a trussed up hussy and long for those halcyon days.

How dare they try to take that from her?

A.Jaye said...

I don't want to give those editors any more publicity by typing their names - and I'm too lazy to look them up. But these are the kids who should write for Pravda, the Daily Mail and Geogre W's War News. Woodward and Berstein were a long time ago.

In related news is that what Disney stars look like nowadays? I gotta start watching more Nickolodeon.