Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The literary event of 2012! Lost poem by Emily Dickinson, now found!

Over at the lovely Fickle Pants website, I have a new post detailing my discovery of a previously lost poem by the famous Emily Dickinson. Here is a small sample from my erudite introduction:
The cadence, the meter, the rhyme scheme, the themes, all pointed me in the direction of one of America's most beloved poets. My suspicions seemed confirmed by the editor's introduction to the poem, in which he stated how sorry he was that the "poetess" responsible for these lines had passed away just as the book was going to press (Emily Dickinson died in 1886). He also explained that readers familiar with her more famous work would see echoes of it here, but that the author had expressed a desire that this particular poem be published anonymously for it contained "brazen lines with a decidedly harder-edge than those to which [her] readers were then accustomed."
And here are the first few lines:
No one joined my celebration
It's enough to make me cry
I asked half the population,
But nobody stopped by.

Secluded, I contemplated
Because I just can't see:
Why am I so roundly hated,
And treated so rudely?

It's not as if I am inclined
To poo au hasard beds
The only ones I treat unkind
Are people with fat heads.
Read the entire thing here, if you will.

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