Monday, March 5, 2012

Olivia Munn cell phone pictures: Men and women really are different

You will remember that a couple of years ago, the famous (American) football player Brett Favre got into some trouble when Jenn Sterger, a woman who had received cell phone pictures of his you-know-what, released those pictures. Although Mr. Favre was subjected to some not-so-good-natured ribbing, at the time I pointed out,
The displaying of the male member to the object of his interest is a proud one that has been ingrained through generations of evolutionary history. It is not only a way of showing the woman what she might gain access to; it is also a way of prostrating oneself before her. The masturbation photo shows a man who is alone, and in need of invigorating companionship.

The man is "exposing" himself to the woman, placing all of his trust in her hands. The gift is both sensual and sentimental.
So, okay, some women, and apparently Ms. Sterger is among them, don't want to receive such gifts. Perhaps Mr. Favre got a little overzealous in his attempts at wooing the object of his affection. But did he truly deserve the scorn which was heaped upon him?

Fast forward to today. Cell phone pictures of Christina Hendricks, one of the stars of the television show "Mad Men" (coincidentally -- that show's season premiere is March 25!) and Olivia Munn, the popular fanboy dream date, have made their way ("leaked," as they say) onto the internet. Oh No They Didn't has a cache of them which can be seen here (NSFW!), if you're so inclined (and here [NSFW!] is the original source of the photos). Here is one of the snaps that Ms. Munn took of herself, and apparently sent to a romantic partner:

This is one of the more "modest" (SFW!) of the photos in question. Although Ms. Munn shows more savvy with photo editing techniques, and shows more cleverness in her rather expansive use of dirty text, the principle behind these photos and those that Mr. Favre sent to his object of affection is exactly the same.

Ms. Munn's photos are a sensual and sentimental gift.

The difference seems to be that Ms. Munn was apparently dating her object of affection, an actor called Chris Pine. Some of the text on some of the photos suggest that they were sent after they'd engaged in the act of coitus. Then again, perhaps some of the photos in question were sent before they started dating. Perhaps Ms. Munn used some of these photos to woo Mr. Pine.

That's only speculation. And speculation has no place on a blog.

Anyway, my point was, men and women are different, and this story only proves my point. Where Jenn Sterger laughed at Mr. Favre, and released the photos he sent her, the person who received Ms. Munn's sentimental gifts did no such thing. Also, Ms. Munn apparently waited until after she and her beau were actually dating before she started sending the more bold of her photos. Mr. Favre led with his pants down. There wasn't too far to go after that.

I wonder if Mr. Favre has met Ms. Munn?


A.Jaye said...

Certain aspects of popular culture - indeed popular subculture escape me.

This idea of sending a picture of your penis to a chick you fancy reeks of 'flasher' to me. And chicks do it too?! What for?

That Ms Nunn chick - she's a red eye away from a sex tape. And yeah it's different for girls. Paris 'dumb blonde bitch' Hilton, Kim 'Golden Showers' Kardashian, and over here a nonentity called Abby Titmuss.

Remember Rob Lowe?

Ricky Sprague said...

Today, sex tapes and "leaked" cell phone pictures are career choices. Ms. Munn really is on the same level as Kardashian and Hilton, it's just that she has a different fanbase -- that is, fanboys. She's cultivated it in the same way that the Hiltons and Kardashians have cultivated theirs. Cheesecake topped with dollops of attitude. Prior to this she was perhaps best known for dressing in a "French maid" outfit and jumping into a pie.

That kind of stuff got her a job on "The Daily Show"

And now the leak.