Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A look at some upcoming redneck themed TV shows

Over at Fickle Pants, I have a new post in which I examine some of the upcoming redneck-themed TV shows. Here is a small sample:


Finally, after being ignored for too long, American rednecks are getting their pop culture due. Thanks to programs like "Hillbilly Hand Fishin'," "Lizard Lick Towing," "Bayou Billionaires," "My Big Redneck Vacation" (those two had record ratings!) "Sons of Guns," "Sons of Anarchy," and "Justified," TV audiences can get a taste of how "the rest of the country" lives. These programs are all so popular  -- every single one of them gets more viewers than "30 Rock" and "The Office" combined! -- that programmers have been left scrambling for ways to cash on in this trend. So this here's a look at some of next season's REDNECK THEMED TELEVISION SHOWS!

Duct Tapin' with Destiney (DIY Network)
Destiney Taylor is a former stripper turned contractor. Each week she'll visit a new home or trailer in desperate need of repair, and show the owners how a change in attitude and a lot of duct tape can work all kinds of wonders. When her repairs don't measure up, she'll sleep with the homeowners. Or ply them with beer. Depends on how they look.

Virgin Strippers (OWN)
This exciting reality show follows the careers of Lexus, Kandy, Misty Rain, Misty Dawn, Misty Sunshine, Misty Lynn, Porsha, and Sapphire -- eight strippers with a lot in common. They've all got large boobs. They've all got hot moves that drive men wild. And, they've never had missionary-style sex! Yes, these eight women will negotiate the difficult stripping profession, all the while looking for that one special client with whom they can do it in the "normal way that most of the rest of them does it"!

The Littlest Rednecks (TLC)
Meet Roscoe and Chardonnay Johnson, a pair of little people who love to go huntin', fishin', muddin'! This reality show will take you deep into their lives, so's you can learn for yourself just what it's like to be a little person, who happens to be a redneck. And what is it like? Well, for one thing, they don't let their short statures hold them back! Check it out as they equip their F-150 with pedal extenders, so they can get out there in the woods and drive up the sides of muddy hills! Watch them try to avoid fallin' into the lake when they go fishin'! The first episode features a crossover with Discovery's "Sons of Guns," as the team from Red Jacket Firearms custom builds Roscoe and Chardonnay a couple of little tiny rifles they use to shoot squirrels and other varmints. Compelling!

More can be found here.

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