Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fickle Pants post: Your guide to the super characters in the upcoming Avengers film

Apparently I'm pretty excited about that new Avengers movie thing, since I've had two different Avengers related posts on two different websites in two days. This one over at the lovely Fickle Pants site is a special guide to the different characters you'll encounter when you go to see the Avengers film -- it's written for the non-fanboy; the layperson who doesn't know anything about anything, but is afraid of looking and feeling stupid, and therefore might decide not to attend this amazing cinematic event.

That would be a shame. So, this post is me doing my part to make sure EVERYONE goes to see this film.

Here is the opening paragraph. It has some language that might considered salty, so I have placed asterisks to maintain this blog's practically all-ages appropriate standing:

This May, longtime comic book fans such as myself will have their unwavering devotion to the medium validated when a big budget, star-filled FILM ADAPTATION of one of their favorite properties, THE AVENGERS, will hit the big screen. And you know it’s going to be one of the biggest movies of the year, probably of all time. Everybody, including all of those assholes who made fun of me when I was younger and just starting out collecting comic books, will want to see it. They’ll wish they hadn’t teased me and ostracized me then — they’ll see how cool I was all along because I knew that The Avengers was awesome. Probably the only people in the world who won’t want to see it are people who live in third world countries where it costs three goats to buy a movie ticket, and they only have two goats that are supposed to last them for the entire year — except those people probably already prepared for that, since they announced this movie was going to come out what seems like eight years ago for a fan like me who CAN’T F*CKING WAIT for this movie they probably had another kid just so that they could trade it for another goat so that they would have enough goats to buy a ticket to what is sure to be a classic film that will blow your f*cking balls off.

It has some nice drawings I did, including this one of Hawkeye:

Get it? I did his logo in the infamous comic sans font because he's lame!

You can read the rest here, at Fickle Pants.

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