Tuesday, May 1, 2012

RTB: RottenTomatoBot takes on the critics who were not sufficiently enthusiastic about the new Avengers movie.

Over at When Falls the Coliseum, I posted a piece in which the RottenTomatoBot defends the Avengers against critics who did not show sufficient enthusiasm about what is the greatest film of all time, probably.

A bit:

This Friday, the dreams of every single diehard comic book fan who has ever lived will finally come to fruition, when a little movie called THE AVENGERS opens in the United States. Maybe you've heard of this film. It's only going to be the BIGGEST and the GREATEST film ever made! And it's not just the so-called "fanboys" who are excited. Critics have given the film an overwhelmingly positive response (the Avengers Tomatometer is currently at 94%).

Most critics, that is. A select few have decided to play the troll and unfairly criticize this masterpiece of cinema. How do I know their criticism is unfair? Because ANY criticism of this film is unfair. And even if there are only a handful of these unfair reviews, they could still derail this film, that only has about a squillion dollars worth of marketing and licensing behind it, and only about 100% total population awareness. Thankfully, RottenTomatoBot isn't afraid to stand up and protect this film, with his withering and biting comments on these negative reviews. Below we see the RottenTomatoBot standing up for each member of the Avengers, with RTB's dialogue taken directly (verbatim, misspellings included!) from Rotten Tomatoes Avengers critics message boards and from these comments sections over at the New York Post.

(Click the images to embiggen.)

You can see the rest of the images here, if you like.

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