Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"Burning Love": I miss VH1's Celebreality

Yahoo is apparently doing "original" comedy videos now, or something. This morning on their main page they linked to a new series -- with new episodes Mondays and Thursdays! -- called "Burning Love." Here is the screenshot:

Even yahoo's description ("the hot one, the psycho, the cougar...") feels like the resigned mumblings of someone who's seen it all before, many times. And we have. "Burning Love," as it turns out, is a parody of... wait for it... reality shows. And not just reality shows, but dating reality shows. This is pretty cutting edge stuff, if you ignore the hundreds if not thousands of reality show parodies that have come before.

Did you know that sometimes the "relationships" that result from those shows don't always work out? Did you know that in some cases, they're fake? Did you know that some of the participants are there for the exposure and the chance at fame, and not for love? Did you know that some of the women on these shows are "sluts"? Did you know that some of them are insane? If you didn't, "Burning Love" will come as a revelation.

"The Bachelor" premiered in 2002. Ten years ago.

Ten years! Hasn't that been plenty of time to parody this format? Yes, it has. It's been done and done much better. Is there anything in "Burning Love" that will top the "Poop on the Stairs" incident from the second season of the brilliant "Flavor of Love" series?

Flavor of Love Somethin stinkin by sweetgapeach

How about The Blondetourage from "Rock of Love Bus"?

Or when Real and Chance had the ladies vying for their affection prove their worthiness by participating in a wrestling match?

More: The entire season of "Daisy of Love," in which Daisy de la Hoya was both a parody of the earnest rocker girl and her worst possible ambassador (really, was there ever any doubt that she would choose loser jerk London?). The vicious capriciousness and the not-so-subtle racism of Ricki Lake's season of "Charm School." The casual cruelty and boneheadedness of "Tool Academy."

I could go on, but you get the idea. The late, lamented Celebreality covered all of this ground years ago. And did it with more humor and insight than this "Burning Love" noise.

I happen to think that the star of "Burning Love," Ken Marino, is pretty funny. And I did laugh when he was running around in his firefighter pants and no shirt. That's a brilliant sight gag that works so well because Marino has the body of an average guy who might have at some point played some football but doesn't exactly hit the gym every day, and has an inflated view of his own physique. He might have the best pecs on your block, in Anytown USA, but he's no Chris Evans. There's actually a touch of poignancy to that humor. The female contestants are afforded no such sympathy, at least not in this first episode.

And the normally refined Poodle Bitch enjoyed the bit in which a dalmatian appears to be eating food from Mr. Marino's ass.

As for the rest of it... Well, I miss VH1's Celebreality.

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Thrill Fiction said...

'Game of Thrones' is over and it's the return of Ricky Sprague. Timing is everything online.

I miss Celebreality too.

What the French is Burning Love?