Friday, August 26, 2016

Kolchak: Day of the Demons is listed in Diamond Previews right now!

 Check out that beautiful Dan Brereton cover!

The Kolchak graphic novel that I scripted, Day of the Demons, is listed in the current Diamond Previews, so if you want to be sure to have a copy when it hits the bookshelves on November 30, head down to your favorite comic book shop and place your order.

The story, which was concocted by myself and legendary Ed Gorman, involves the infiltration of several branches of the government by a shadowy supernatural group headed by a demented venture capitalist with a soft spot in his heart for a former child star who's fallen on hard times. It begins with Kolchak investigating what appears to be a case of spontaneous human combustion at an income inequality protest. Or was it just a bomb that went off prematurely?

Here's the Diamond Previews synopsis:

(W) Ed Gorman, Ricky Sprague (A) Chacon, Dennis, Aaron Felizmenio (CA) Daniel Brereton
Best-selling author Ed Gorman and Ricky Sprague pen this original graphic novel of demonic pandemonium. The country is slipping away. The signs are all around you: Mass surveillance. Police militarization. Income inequality. Drugs. While investigating an explosion at a street protest, journalist Carl Kolchak uncovers the hidden, demonic origins of modern America. Can he get the story before the country is lost forever? And even if he does, will anyone care?
In Shops: Nov 30, 2016
SRP: $10.99
Pre-order it today! 
It's also available through Amazon.
Buy as many copies as you can. First of all it's practically your patriotic duty. Second of all I have a lot of ideas for continuing the story, and the more successful this book is the less likely that "they" will be able to ignore those ideas!