Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The mass hysteria or double movie or cult of leftism

Last week on the leftist propaganda program Saturday Night Live they aired a short video in which Kellyanne Conway was portrayed as having a “fatal attraction” for Jake Tapper, the Clinton/Democrat sympathizer who hosts a daily program on the Democrat party’s cable propaganda arm, CNN. There was some virtual ink spilled over whether or not the piece was sexist. That’s not really important (I don’t think it was)— what is important is that this is yet another example of the #FakeSatire phenomenon. It starts from a flawed premise (an intentionally flawed premise), that Tapper isn’t a biased Democrat operative who spends most of his time spreading a specific narrative based on his leftist worldview, and that Conway is somehow “deranged” or partisan in a way that Tapper isn’t.

The even more interesting/depressing skit from last week’s show featured Donald Trump taking the three Ninth Circuit court judges to “The People’s Court” to appeal the stay of his immigration executive order. That was premised on the notion that Donald Trump is a buffoon (a debatable point considering he defeated the Democrat and Republican establishments, the mainstream press, the entertainment media, and academia to become president) and the judges were impartial arbiters of the Constitution. There is plenty of debate as to the motives of the judges in this case, and the implications for their stay and whether they had the power to do what they did.

What’s particularly telling about this “satirical” piece is the plaintive wail of the actress portraying the judge, who at one point cries out (almost out of character): “I want one day without a CNN alert that scares the hell out of me.”

Well, that’s kind of her problem, isn’t it? That she has bought the #FakeNews of CNN, designed specifically to drum up hysteria against the democratically elected president of the United States. CNN is part of the mainstream media propaganda machine, exposed by WikiLeaks, that was actively working with the Democrat party to elect Hillary Clinton as president. Since Clinton’s embarrassing and shocking loss, leftists in the media have struggled to undermine the very institutions they’ve controlled for so long. And they’ve built a narrative—which is wholly divorced from anything even resembling evidence—that “THE RUSSIANS” somehow “hacked” the election. (This People’s Court skit actually features a cameo from an actor portraying Vladimir Putin, for the sole purpose of further pushing that discredited narrative.)

I watch CNN sometimes, myself, and it scares the hell out of me. But for entirely different reasons than this actress.

By the way, the judge actress is the same one who two weeks ago embarrassingly sang “To Sir With Love” to former President, war criminal, pathological liar, and all-around disappointing criminal scumbag Barack Obama. None of his lies or his lawbreaking or his causing the current Middle Eastern refugee crisis bothered her at all. Nor does she seem the least bit concerned about the reports of his setting up a(n alleged!) “shadow government” to undermine the democratically elected president.

Leftists live in a bubble of their own creation. Scott Adams says that we’re all watching “two movies on one screen.” Ace of Spades suggests that leftists are suffering through a period of mass hysteria, a la the Salem Witch Trials and satanic ritual abuse. I’ve suggested that leftism has a lot of the earmarks of a cult.

There are examples of this cognitive dissonance all around us. Recently, the former comedian-turned-scold Sarah Silverman came in for a round of twitter abuse when she sent out a tweet in which she appeared to mistake utility line markers for swastikas.

Then there was an editor at the leftist ThinkProgress website who was disturbed by the fact that the plumber who fixed his clogged drain was a white man. Which scared him, apparently. And now there’s the case of the most popular YouTuber in the world, PewDiePie. Apparently he’s now a Nazi, because he made some (questionable!) jokes in some of his videos.

By this logic, Mel Brooks is a Nazi because of “Springtime for Hitler.”

This is why #FakeSatire is so dangerous. If the tired Saturday Night Live, the odious Samantha Bee, the tedious Seth Myers, the moralizing Sarah Silverman, the mugging John Oliver, and so on, are in charge of satire—and defining satire—then they’re going to ensure that its definition conforms to their approved narrative. That’s deadly for everyone, and it leaves us all open for a takeover by an unaccountable “deep state,” like the one that just engineered the ouster of Michael Flynn.

Netflix streaming has a movie about the National Lampoon magazine called “Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead.” Throughout the documentary former contributors, editors, and fans pay a lot of lip service to the take no prisoners, nothing is off limits attitude that informed their work. And while the editors and staff were mostly left-wing, that attitude prevailed. It’s hard to imagine one of the current acceptable #FakeSatire outlets running anything as painfully funny as the infamous Ted Kennedy Volkswagen ad that caused such a stir in 1972.

The fake satirists spent eight years ignoring Barack Obama’s multiple crimes, abuses of power, and his pathological lying. During the previous election cycle they relentlessly mocked Trump (he’s a mockable figure—and should be mocked) while protecting Clinton. They also mocked Trump’s supporters. Now, with Trump in the White House, they’re mocking him (as they should!) while protecting Democrats. A good example of this is the case of Elizabeth Warren. For several reasons she’s seen as a potential rival for the Trump in 2020. But she is a pathetic, contemptible, hypocritical figure who has done a number of questionable things throughout her life. It’s hard to imagine any lily-white non-leftist getting a pass for spending decades claiming to be a “woman of color” in order to advance her career.

Trump’s calling her “Pocahontas” is more satirical than anything that’s ever appeared on Samantha Bee’s worthless program, and the fact that former Saturday Night Live writer and performer Al Franken scolded him for it speaks volumes (it's "racist" for Trump to call her "Pocahontas," but it's perfectly acceptable for her to pretend to be Native American for professional gain?). In fact, President Trump is a far better satirist than almost anyone currently working in that field. Maybe the “South Park” guys, or Michel Houellebecq are better.

“Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead” is an inadvertent critique of the current state of #FakeSatire, made even more poignant by the fact that so many writers from the National Lampoon magazine and performers from the National Lampoon radio and stage shows went on to create the original Saturday Night Live. Which is now perpetuating the leftist narrative of hysteria and #FakeNews, including Russian Hackers, Nazis around every corner, illegitimate president, and etc. It’s almost as if they see their jobs not to reflect what’s happening but to distract from it.

Rather than having satire to serve as a safety valve by which to critique those in power, #FakeSatire is helping leftists perpetuate their movie, their hysteria, their cult. When you add in their insistence that violence against those who disagree with them isn't just acceptable but morally justified, you've got an increasingly dangerous situation.

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