Saturday, March 11, 2017

#FakeSatire and joking about a cancer survivor

The host of an alleged “comedy” (sneer quotes!) program called “Full Frontal,” Samantha Bee is one of the foremost purveyors of #FakeSatire. Her formula is to take #FakeNews from sources like Vox, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, Salon, and other leftist propaganda outfits, and fashion the innuendo and lies contained therein into “comedy” (more sneer quotes!) bits for the delectation of the clapping dullards that make up her audience.

She is driven not by a desire to reach deeper truths through comedy the way, say, Doug Stanhope does, or Richard Pryor or Moms Mabley or Mort Sahl or Lenny Bruce did. She is driven by an irrational hatred for anyone who dares to disagree with her leftist worldview. Because she’s not interested in understanding people who are different from her—in fact, she thinks they’re evil and stupid and therefore she’s under no obligation to understand them—she feels perfectly justified in smearing and demeaning them.

This lack of curiosity about people who are different from her was on full display this week, when her show ran a segment about the conservative gathering CPAC. In her estimation that gathering was full of Nazis because, well, Nazis are everywhere as far as leftists are concerned. (They’re hiding under your bed! They’re in your closet! They molested you when you were a child and you repressed the memory! They abducted you and probed you! They live in Loch Ness! They're almost as bad as Russians!)

The problem was that one of the participants, who they didn’t bother to even attempt to get to know, had cancer. And they made fun of his hair. Ha, ha.

Making fun of the hair of someone with cancer is pretty bad. But we also need highlight what this segment says about leftists. Bee’s lack of intellectual curiosity is on full display throughout. She’s downright proud of her closed-minded bigotry. She makes an “amusing” “joke” out of it at the beginning of the segment.

She used to think that "conservative" (can't escape the sneer quotes; I guess it's just that kind of post) meant WILLIAM F. BUCKLEY (and she references him and Gore Vidal, to flatter her audience—they probably watched some of that documentary on Netflix, too!) but now she doesn’t know WHAT conservative means. So she sent someone to CPAC to “find out.”

Actually, no she didn’t. She sent someone to CPAC to get footage to mock those who are different from her and her audience. To other-ize them. And in her desire to drive a wedge between people she swept up a young man with cancer.

She and the producer responsible for the segment have apologized to the specific individual. (Actually, her tweet says "We deeply apologize," which sounds impressive but makes no sense. Were they at the bottom of a well when they "apologized"?)

They have yet to apologize for spreading propaganda under the guise of “humor.”

Speaking of spreading propaganda, former satirist turned propagandist Stephen Colbert had former CIA director (under George W Bush!) Michael Hayden (who is now one of the war-on-terror profiteers at the Chertoff Group) on his talk show to, well, spread propaganda while yucking it up about the horrifying abuses that have been exposed by WikiLeaks:

The CIA would never abuse its power. It’s illegal to do it—and we’d never do anything illegal. Trust us, rubes!

Even if that were true, if the CIA would never abuse the power they have, Julian Assange of WikiLeaks suggests that the CIA has now "lost control" of its cyber weapons arsenal and, of course, covered it up. But, hey, don't let a little detail like that get in the way of your narrative.

(By the way, this most recent dump from WikiLeaks is apparently a mere 1% of what they actually have on the CIA. So is Colbert going to keep having his Chertoff Group consultant back to explain away each disturbing revelation?)

And of course Colbert’s audience ate it with a spoon.

This is depressing. We need a robust satirical industry. But it’s infected by leftist propagandists, who see it as their job to protect the powerful establishment while mocking the weak. Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert are wealthy and famous. They have their own TV shows. The world, as far as they can see, is perfectly fine. Or it was before Trump got elected. They don't understand why anyone wouldn't share the "enlightened" (sorry, last sneer quotes for today I promise) vision that they and every single one of their friends and associates share. And their refusal to even attempt to understand those who are different is fueling divisions within the country. It's going to get Trump re-elected, and it's going to make that wall ten feet higher.

This video from 1791L explains some of the problem:

At least there’s Remy. Here’s some #RealSatire to close this out:

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